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The World’s 10 Best Airlines For 2017 Have Been Revealed. Can You Guess Who’s No. 1?

Did Emirates make the cut?

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15 March 2017

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Jet-setting around the world comes naturally to everyone living in Dubai—thanks to its central geographic location. It’s no wonder then that choosing the perfect airline to get around the world becomes equally important to us. Not every airline is equal, and to figure out which one is the better of the best, Airline Excellence Awards 2017 has released its own list of top 10 airlines for 2017.

Air New Zealand has been named the best airline in the world for the fourth consecutive year—beating the likes of Qantas, Etihad Airways and Emirates. The Kiwi airline has left the other carriers behind due to its operational safety, in-flight innovations, environmental leadership, exemplary financial performance and motivation of its staff.

Here’s the full list of the best airlines in the world according to their ranks.

1. Air New Zealand

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2. Qantas

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3. Singapore Airlines

4. Cathay Pacific

5. Virgin Atlantic/Virgin Australia

6. British Airways

7. Etihad Airways

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8. All Nippon Airways

9. Eva Air

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10. Lufthansa

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Emirates, although was included in last year’s edition, missed the top 10 spot, but got the award for the best in-flight entertainment.

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