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The Venice Lunch That Cost €526

Learn how to avoid the tourist trap!

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8 November 2017

Tourist trap: The Venice Lunch That Cost €526

Image Credit: The Telegraph

It has emerged that a British family were charged €526 for lunch at Trattoria Casanova, in the central San Marco district of Venice. That is a huge AED 2440!

As a major tourist destination Venice is known for expensive food, hotels and gondolas, however tourists have been outraged by this latest scandal, with many branding Italy a rip off.

The British family reportedly ordered a pasta dish, a small fish dish and a couple of sides, but what they received were 20 oysters and 3.5kg of fresh grilled fish, as well as their original order. Believing that the food must be included, they ate it all and were of course in shock when it to the enormous bill.

It is thought there was confusion between the family and the restaurant due to the language barrier and misleading pictures in the menu, which did not include prices. In Italian restaurants, fresh fish and meat is often charged by weight, not by dish price – which causes many issues with tourists.

The British tourist from Birmingham has accused the restaurant of taking advantage of the fact they couldn’t speak Italian and that they were tourists. The angered customer has now written a letter of complaint to Luigi Brugnaro, Mayor of Venice.

The restaurants TripAdvsior ratings suggested that this family were not the only unhappy customers, as many diners accused the restaurant of being overpriced, having poor service and even ruining their time in Venice. So what can tourists do to make sure they are not conned abroad?

Venice is no different from New York, London, Barcelona or even Dubai…Tourists are there to be fooled into paying more! So we have some top tips for tourists to stay safe and save money.

Tourist trap: The Venice Lunch That Cost €526

Image Credit: Vogue

#1 Know your stuff

It only takes 10 minutes to do your research on the place you are visiting, so read reviews, search where is best to eat and where you can get the best deals from. It also helps to be aware of what things should cost, check if there are fixed taxi fares and always take official taxis, having researched what they should charge you.

#2 Window shop

Before you sit down to eat somewhere browse what the area has to offer, compare menus and ask questions. This means you will be aware of prices and can’t be conned by one restaurant charging way more than the others.

#3 Explore more

It goes without saying that you must always remain safe and in areas you feel comfortable in. But, why not try eateries that are not on the main tourist strip or in areas which target tourists. A café on a side street will charge you much less and have a lot more authentic food.

#4 Buy a Phrase Book

Or download an app, just so you can learn the basics and check up on any words or phrases which puzzle you. Even if you think you’re useless, the waiter (for example) will appreciate the effort and will be less likely to rip you off. It might impress them; by breaking the language barrier slightly you are starting to form a good relationship.

#5 Don’t be afraid to question something

It is important to stand up for yourself, without being rude. Always ask for a receipt and check that everything is correct, also, if something does seem odd or not right them instantly pursue the issue, don’t leave it just because you’re on holiday and you can’t speak the language.

#6 Finally…

Don’t be that rude, ignorant tourist that has no respect for the culture or destination they are visiting. Always remain polite, be aware of the rules, search the prices and stay vigilant that you’re not falling into those easily made tourist mistakes.