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10 Crazy Things Celebs Have Done For Fashion

Remember Lady Gaga's infamous meat dress?

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28 May 2017

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video credit: @TheTalko

Trust celebs to do some really insane things to steal the limelight.

With so many celebrities attending red carpet events every year, it can be difficult to stand out. All of them have designers, stylists, hair and makeup artists. Which is why they need to think outside of the box to get noticed.

And while it is easy (and safe) to pull together a basic red carpet look, it is the risk takers who truly get noticed. Take for instance Lady Gaga's iconic meat dress that she - not only does the dress have it's own Wikipedia page, it went down in history as TIME magazine's most memorable fashion statement of 2010.

However, apart from the meat dress, there are many other iconic outfits that have equally crazy stories behind them. Check out this compilation by @TheTalko that enlists 10 crazy things celebs have done for the sake of fashion.