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10 Most Daring Red Carpet Outfits Ever

Some were bold, some were plain crazy.

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12 June 2017

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video credit: @TheTalko

Celebrity red carpet fashion takes weeks if not months of preparation.

Designers, stylists, hair and makeup artists work relentlessly to create an iconic look for the star they are dressing. More often than not, celebrities like to play it safe and stick to the tried and tested, however sometimes they decide to step outside the box and make risky fashion choices. Sometimes the risk pays off and other times they just look plain crazy.

However, it is the crazy moments that are remembered the most. Who can forget Lady Gaga's meat dress or Bella Hadid's extremely risque red Alexandre Vauthier dress? These outfits, whether good or bad, definitely stole the show from everyone else.

Here's a compilation of the 10 most daring outfits spotted on red carpets compiled by popular YouTube channel @TheTalko.