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19 Amazing Hotel Rooms You Won't Believe Exist

Fancy a hotel room made entirely of ice?

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24 January 2017

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video credit: factnomenal/YouTube

Deep inside the rainforest of Chile lies a magical place full of mystique and dreams — sounds straight out of a fairytale, right? And what if we tell you that living in such a place is actually possible?

Hotels can be much more than just a bed to sleep in on your next vacation. Truly unique accommodations can make a stay a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In fact, there are some awesome hotel rooms around the globe that deserve an entire vacation dedicated to the thrilling experience they promise.

From the secluded bubble room to one with pillows made of chocolates to a James Bond lair — YouTube channel, Factomenal has created this amazing list of fab hotel rooms that you won't believe exist.