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The Biggest Online Shopping Fails Internet Has Ever Seen

It’s a shopaholic’s worst nightmare

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2 February 2017

Video credit: TheTalko/YouTube

No matter how gratifying online shopping is — it has its pitfalls. You spot a fabulous dress at a great price and before you know it, your hand automatically clicks the 'buy' option. And here you are — waiting impatiently for the parcel to arrive.

But what happens next is any shopaholic's worst nightmare.

Online shopping is a great idea — it's like buying a gift for yourself until you realise you've bought a dress that would better fit your 10-year-old sister than yourself. The list of things that can go wrong is endless but nothing is more disappointing than getting an ill-fitted, bad quality dress that looked like a DREAM in pictures.

If that has happened to you then hold onto the fact that you’re not alone: The world is full of people who regret spending thousands on second-hand boots, miniature furniture, broken vases and bags that are total knockoffs. YouTube channel – @TheTalko has created an entire video series on such epic online shopping fails. Watch these videos and you would probably think twice before putting anything in your online cart next time.