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Dubai To Get World's First Rotating Skyscraper

The Jetsons will be proud!

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20 February 2017

video credit: OfficialDynamicArch

First, there was a hyperloop train then drone taxis and now the world’s first rotating tower — The Jetsons would be very proud of Dubai.

This city is time travelling way ahead than the rest of the planet and the fact that an 80-storey ‘Dynamic Tower’ will dominate the cluster of skyscrapers by 2020 is another proof of its technological advancement.

Initially proposed in the year 2008 by Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher, this 360-degree rotating tower will have 80 stories that will move independently. This will allow its lucky (and very rich) residents to revolve their luxury apartments with simple voice commands.

The skyscraper is also expected to be completely self-powered, featuring 79 horizontal-lying wind turbines between floors, as well as roof-mounted solar panels.

But building a futuristic apartment with insanely cool views comes at a hefty cost - $30 million to be exact. Watch the detailed video by Dynamic Tower architect to know more about this space-age residential building.