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These Celebrities Look Shockingly Different Without Makeup

All hail the power of makeup.

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25 December 2016

video credit: CompilationMania

Be it a glitzy ad, a glossy magazine cover or an Instagram selfie, we’ve grown quite accustomed to seeing Hollywood actresses in layers of makeup.

The expertly applied coverage camouflages their imperfections, enhances their gorgeous features and leaves us feeling crap about ourselves. But hey, before you start comparing, bear in mind that there is an army of nutritionists, makeup artists and gym instructors behind that flawless face. And of course, don't get us started on thousand of dollars spent on surgeries and cosmetic enhancements.

God bless the paparazzi who wait hours to click these heavenly creatures without their masks on (Let's admit, it's a feel-good moment to see them in their pimply glory). @CompliationMania on YouTube has created a long list of possibly every Hollywood actress who looks shockingly different sans makeup.