The Best Places to Propose in Dubai |

The Best Places to Propose in Dubai

We've got some great ideas of places if you're choosing to propose in Dubai.

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19 January 2015

Last updated on 23 July 2017
The Best Places to Propose in Dubai

Many travel to Dubai for the sole purpose of cementing their relationship and 'taking things to the next level' but sometimes you might need help with ideas. Just remember that the woman that you love will be over joyed at the fact that you're proposing that it won't matter if the proposal was not perfect. Here we have listed some very Dubai-centric ways in which you can propose. 

Desert picnic

There are a few ways that you can approach this. You can take her on a dune bashing trip to a remote sand dune - preperation will be required but you could make it romantic by planning a sunset toast a top Big Red or another majestic sand dune. Or you could opt for a glamping session where you will camp in air conditioned tents and experience 5 star camping in the Dubai desert. What a romantic way to have a desert proposal.

Sand Dune

Miracle Gardens

If you want your romantic gesture to have a backdrop of some of Dubai's most gorgeous flowers then you may want to opt for the Miracle Gardens in Dubai as the scene of your proposal. You may want to hire a professional photographer to capture the moment as you ask her to be yours and give her the ring. You could even arrange a special bouquet or display with the staff at the Miracle Gardens. After all everything is possible in Dubai.

Dubai Miracle Gardens

Jebel Hafeet Al Ain

The mountain range, which borders through Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Oman is well known in the region. The peak is located in Al Ain, and is usually picturesqu and green. For more outdoorsy couples, take the romance to the hiking trails of this small mountain. There are chalets where you can make the getaway a weekend retreat. 

Jebel Hafeet
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Sky Dive over the Palm Jumeirah

One of the most exhilirating and fun ways to propose - yes it has been done before, but something has to be said for the adventorous couples that endeavour to conquer their fears, get their adrenalin pumping and commit to marriage while jumping out of an airplane. 

With the Animals of the UAE

If the love of your life is an animal lover, or is just enchanted by beautifu creatures then take the proposal on an experience. Ski Dubai have the majestic penguins, Atlantis have the gorgeous dolphins. Take your lady on an experience, either to swim with the dolphins or interact with the penguins and while she's smiling and having the best time get down on bended knee and ask her to be your wife. There will be photographers to capture the moment making it unforgettable. 

Dolphins in dubai

Abra in the Souk Madinat

The great thing about proposing on an Abra is that you'll have the most amazing views of the Burj Al Arab with the back drop of the beautiful souk and the lovely waterways. The best thing is that this romantic 'boat' ride will not set you back much financially but will still have a great impact on your lady. And if you want to share your special moment with close friends or family, there's enough space to invite a few people.


Camel Ride

Camels are to the Middle East what horses are to the West. They're the opitome of desert living and you can go on an adventure camel ride up the romantic sand dunes and propose to your love in the privacy of the vastness of the desert expanse. 


Hire a Yacht

Hire a yacht with a full crew complement and really treat her to the night of her dreams. Go the whole hog, set a table on the deck, champagne and lobster prepared by the chef on board. Propose under the gorgeous Dubai skyline and impress her with a sole violinist while you dance together on the deck. It will be incredibly romantic and an unforgettable night.


Balloon Proposal

The best time for this proposal is dawn, so make sure that your partner is up for a 4am adventure. The balloon will take you up and over the sand dunes with spectacular views of the desert.  

Hot air balloon

Proposal at one of the various 5 star venues

Dubai is rife with 5 star restaurants offering great views, Michelin starred food, amazing service and great locations. The classical restaurant proposal will cement that specific venue in your heads for a lifetime. It will become special to you both. Putting the ring in a glass of bubby is an age old classic but the ladies still swoon over getting proposed to in this way.

Cliched Proposal

On the viewing deck of the Burj Khalifa

It's one of the classic proposals. Romantic, great views and takes us back to our favourite 90s rom coms starring mostly Meg Ryan. Throw it back to the classic proposalatop the Empire State Building in New York. You might think it's cheesy, but we think it's retro.

Burj Khalifa


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