The Internet Can't Get Enough of Fish Ice Cream Cones |

The Internet Can't Get Enough of Fish Ice Cream Cones

Sweet fishy perfection

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11 April 2017

Fish Ice Cream Cones

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The mere thought of fish— anywhere near an ice cream is enough to alert your gag reflexes but wait till you see the latest dessert taking over NYC and other parts of the world — It's Taiyaki ice-cream cones!

Taiyaki, in Japanese, refer to fish-shaped cakes that are pretty popular around the world. These sweet cakes are made using waffle or pancake batter and are usually filled with sweet red bean paste or custards. A little upgrade to the recipe brought Taiyaki ice cream to the elite club of good looking food around the world. The tail part of the ice cream is filled with custard, chocolate or any filling of your choice. The upper part is deliciously layered with ice cream flavours and topped with nuts, confetti, wafers and strawberries.

These pretty enough to be frozen for a lifetime ice cream cones were originally launched by an NYC-based store, Taiyaki NYC. But now they can be spotted all over our Insta-feeds. Check out some drool-worthy variations.


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They count as seafood - yes, pun intended.

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Off-fishly irresistible!

Move over sushi, we have our new favourite from Japan.

You can mix and match flavours as your heart's desire.

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Did you know? Fish is a symbol of good luck in Japan, so eat as many as you want.

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