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13 Edible Reasons To Fall In Love With Philippines

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15 November 2021

13 Edible Reasons To Fall In Love With Philippines

It may not be as popular as its neighbouring cuisines (Chinese or Thai) but Filipino cuisine has its distinct flavours that are hard to find anywhere else in the world.

If you doubt our words then listen to world’s renowned chef, Anthony Bourdain, who believes Filipino food is the next big thing. TBH, with so many expat-Filipino fellows living here in the UAE, it was just a matter of time that we got the whiff of their underrated Asian cuisine.

Fish Cuts Bowel Cancer Risk - 9 Interesting Ways to Eat More Fish

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25 January 2021

9 Interesting Ways to Eat More Fish

The health benefits of oily fish have been well storied – salmon, sardines, trout and tuna can help lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, arthritis and improve our mental ability.

According to latest findings by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), our favourite catch of the day can also cut the risk of bowel cancer – and the finding relate to all types of fish.

3 Sustainable and Interesting Fish to Start Cooking and Eating – According to Nathan Outlaw

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27 May 2019

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3 Sustainable and Interesting Fish to Start Cooking and Eating

Chef Nathan Outlaw grew up like a lot of us, associating fish with the stuff that came battered with chips and vinegar on the side.

Since those days, he’s gone on to establish the only dedicated seafood restaurant in the UK to have a prestigious two Michelin stars, Restaurant Nathan Outlaw in Port Isaac, Cornwall.

If you want to move in his direction and be more adventurous and sustainable with your next fish supper, try cooking and eating one of these, says Outlaw…

Wild Salmon Is At Crisis Point – 4 Sustainable Fish To Eat Instead

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25 April 2019

wild salmon in Scotland

It’s one of our favourite catches of the day – is there anything more delicious than poached wild salmon with hollandaise sauce and in-season Jersey royals?

But because of our increasing appetite for oily fish (which comes packed with protein, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins), climate change and commercial salmon farming, this prized delicacy is at risk.

According to the Scottish government, the latest figures reveal catches are at their lowest levels since records began in 1952.

Would You Dare To Try The ‘World’s Spiciest’ Fish And Chips?

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31 January 2019

world’s spiciest’ fish and chips

If you’ve ever thought your fish supper would be improved by a dash of hot sauce, you should probably head to this family-run takeaway in Haxby, North Yorkshire.

Millers Fish & Chips are selling what they claim to be the world’s spiciest fish and chips – and you’ll have to sign a waiver before tucking in.

The batter includes 10 super hot ingredients, including dried chillies, cayenne pepper and paprika, it’s then covered in hot sauce and sprinkled with spicy crisps.

The 4 Best Fish N Chips Spots In Dubai

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31 July 2017

 Eat Fish N Chips In Dubai

Crispy golden from the outside, moist and succulent from inside — when done right, nothing says London better than a piping hot plate of fish n chips.

With so many British expats around, Dubai has its fair share of famous fish n chips spots. But not all of them will give you the traditional steaming hot helping of this feel-good dish.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best fish n chips spots in Dubai, bound to remind you of London.

Why Are Poke Bowls Trending Everywhere & How To Make One

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24 June 2017

How To Make Poke Bowls

Call it an attempt to eat healthy, ability-to-look-pretty or plain laziness — anything dumped and served in a bowl these days is deemed hip and trendy.

Case in point: Buddha bowls, veggie bowls, smoothie bowl or the latest in the market: Poke bowls.

Now, if you haven’t heard about these — don’t worry — you’re not behind the latest Instagram food trends. The trend actually started in Hawaii so it’s still new to the Middle Eastern audience.

This Man Ate Fish For A Year So That You Don't Have To

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2 May 2017

Paul Greenberg

Fish has long been touted as a superfood rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Time and again, we’ve been told to eat fish for various health benefits including lowering blood pressure and reducing the chances of stroke.

But imagine eating fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner — every single meal — for 365 days. What would that mean for your health?
It’s a question that Paul Greenberg, the best-selling author of American Catch and Four Fish set out to investigate in his new FRONTLINE documentary, The Fish on My Plate.