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Why Baking Bread Can Be Good for Your Mental Health

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21 July 2022

Baking bread and mental health

The idea that most people will be affected by mental health issues at least once in their life has never seemed more prevalent.

While it’s a conversation that still feels relatively new, awareness of mental ill-health is growing, and in turn, the condition is becoming less stigmatised. It’s a topic heavily debated on social media, which is awash with tips and advice, celebrity confessions and discussions on the subject.

Is There Anything Better Than Homemade Bread And Butter?

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12 December 2018

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Bread and Butter

It doesn’t get more simple than bread and butter.

They are the staples that can feature at every meal: Smeared thickly with jam (or avocado) at breakfast; enveloping cheese and ham, or dunked in soup at lunch; and as the opening – alongside pickles, salami, roast peppers, a green salad and tomatoes – to a decent dinner.

They are tough to do without – the ultimate double act.