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13 Edible Reasons To Fall In Love With Philippines

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15 November 2021

13 Edible Reasons To Fall In Love With Philippines

It may not be as popular as its neighbouring cuisines (Chinese or Thai) but Filipino cuisine has its distinct flavours that are hard to find anywhere else in the world.

If you doubt our words then listen to world’s renowned chef, Anthony Bourdain, who believes Filipino food is the next big thing. TBH, with so many expat-Filipino fellows living here in the UAE, it was just a matter of time that we got the whiff of their underrated Asian cuisine.

The Curious Case of a Homemade Crispy Fried Chicken

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23 February 2017

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If we could look at hot, crunchy and golden-brown fried chicken all day, we would.

Take a poll around — chances are 90% people around you can be bribed by a crunchy piece of the bird. Now take a poll again — how many can cook a succulent fried chicken at home, not many, right?

Most of us keep our fried chicken love restricted to dine-outs and weekend brunches — because after all, nobody wants to mess up their fowl.


We’re taking a stand, though.