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Soya, Oat Or Almond? 4 Of The Most Popular Milk Alternatives Explained

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27 March 2019

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Milk Alternatives Explained

Not that long ago, regular cow’s milk was pretty much the only choice available. Now, supermarkets offer a variety of dairy-free milk alternatives, and you’ll often find the same at coffee shops and cafes, thanks to the rise of plant-based eating and better awareness of food intolerance and allergies.

4 Of The Best Chinese Herbal Remedies For Restoring Your Health

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23 January 2019

Chinese Herbal Remedies

Christmas may be over for another year, but the most important date in the Chinese calendar is fast approaching, which means there’s another excuse to carry on the festivities of the party season.

Millions of people will be celebrating Chinese New Year on February 5, with colourful parades, performances and displays taking place across the globe.

5 Breakfast Smoothie Bowls For Summer Mornings

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10 June 2017

7 Breakfast Smoothie Bowls

Food bowls are all the rage these days. Noodles, veggies, fruits or sushi, you name it; everything tastes better when served in a bowl. Now, this could be due to their gluten-free raw quality or simply because they look awfully gorgeous on Instagram.

Smoothie bowls, like all other bowls, are spamming our Insta-wall and for all the right reasons. They’re quick to make, no cooking required (literally), healthy and did we mention their ability to bring you 1000 likes in an hour?

3 Gluten-Free Sorbet Ideas To Deal With The Heat

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6 June 2017

Sorbet recipes

Despite fully understanding the healthy impact of fruits in our diet, most of us aren't really big on eating them. But turn them into a delicious icy treat and we’ll gobble them like polar bears.

These frozen desserts are a lazy girl’s hack to beat the heat. Why? Because anything edible that takes 1/2-ingredients, no prep and is gluten-free (if you skip the toppings and sugar) deserves to be on the top spot.

Watch this fun video by YouTube chef Alyssia Sheikh of @MindOverMunch channel where she shares 3 different ways to prepare a sorbet with only 1 ingredient – FRUIT!