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4 Ingredients That Can Ruin Your Perfect Pasta

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29 July 2017

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4 Ingredients That Can Ruin Your Perfect Pasta

If we could, we would eat pasta every day and not complain. This Italian dish is SO versatile you can practically mix it with anything and it would taste YUM.

Tomatoes, zucchini, fish, cheese, beef, seeds, potatoes – there's an endless list of ingredients you could add to pasta, but the list of things you shouldn't add is much shorter.

Simple to make and quick to satiate, the thing with cooking a plate of pasta is, you can either end up with a delectable treat or a gooey mess – it all comes down to correct ingredients and timings.

Meet The King Of Pasta: Chef Lorenzo Boni

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29 May 2017

Meet The King Of Pasta: Chef Lorenzo Boni

If your personal level of happiness is defined by a finger lickin' good delicious bowl of hot pasta then you’ve got to meet chef Lorenzo Boni – the man who deserves to be called the king of everything pasta related.

Currently the Executive Chef at Barilla USA, Lorenzo is a hero for those who like to look at pasta beyond lasagna, spaghetti and mac n cheese. He grew up with a passion for Italian food in Bologna, Italy and continued to explore the rich flavours till he found his one true love for pasta.

10 Street Food Culture Photos From Around The World

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23 May 2017

Street Food Culture Photos

They say you have to TASTE the culture to truly understand it — and the best kind of taste always come from the street. It’s your on-the-ground experiences that give you the most authentic insight into the exotic lands and its people.

Call it precaution, fear or just lack of curiosity, some people prefer the standard menu of their hotels instead of diving into the real deal. But there are few who would travel far and wide for the love of food.