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9 LEGIT Ways To Make Watermelon Fun This Summer

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1 May 2017

9 Ways to cut a watermelon

Before you frown at the idea of eating watermelon any way other than straight from the juicy wedge — think of your pretty dress.

We’ve all been there; lost in those juicy fresh bites — only to realise the dripping mess we’ve created for ourselves. These big water lugs of pure summer deliciousness don't come in easy. But all the effort that goes into cutting, peeling and dressing is SO worth the blast of hydration. Eating watermelon is basically like drinking water (almost 92% anyways). Each juicy bite is filled with in potassium, vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Stay Cool This Summer, Rehydrate with Infused Water

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12 May 2015

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As the temperature rises, so does our need to hydrate. But what do you do when you are not much of a water drinker? You do not have to resort to pricey vitamin water or other fancy drinks that claim to be hydrating and packed with nutrients. Some of these drinks have too much sugar and will only add to your caloric intake. The answer? Fruit infused water! It's all the rave these days because of of how delicious and healthy they are. Some also drink infused water because of their nutrients and ability to detoxify your body. Hydrates and helps you lose weight, it's a win-win situation.