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Spring Rolls Never Looked This Healthy Before

Where can we get these?

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17 April 2017

Video credit: Awestruck/YouTube

Unless you’ve invented a live photoshopping tool, it's not going to be possible to lose all the holiday weight for a beach-ready body — at least not with the hearty holiday meals and desserts.

An enviable summer body calls for sweat-breaking runs, fresh smoothies, juicy fruits, raw veggies and summer rolls.

Popularly known as Vietnamese spring rolls or salad rolls, these savoury bites are basically the uncooked version or flash-fried spring rolls or fried egg rolls.

They’re fresh, loaded with vegetables and rich in fibre. These colourful delights are easy to cook and make for a perfect light lunch or appetiser on a hot summer day. You can serve them with tangy or sweet dips and adapt them to whichever fruit or veggie you prefer.

So how about stashing all the gooey cheese and mashed potatoes away and instead of getting downright creative with your summer roll this season?

Watch this fun video by YouTube channel, Awestruck. In the video, chef blogger Alyssa takes the summer roll recipe to a whole new level of brightness and taste.