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5 Beauty Bloggers in Dubai You Should Be Following

These five girls are the ones we're currently crushing on

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24 September 2017

New Dubai beauty bloggers to follow

Image credit: Instagram.com/sindy_mohammed

We’ve rounded up five of our new favourite beauty bloggers in Dubai to follow so you don’t have to spend hours searching on Instagram for the best make-up tutorials, services in Dubai and product reviews of the latest releases in the beauty world.

#1 Tehzeeb // www.thetezzyfiles.com

This beauty, fashion and foodie blogger currently residing in the UAE can be named Tez – or Tezzy – for short. Hailing from India, she’s spent time in both Kuwait and New Zealand before settling in Dubai.

Her blog, The Tezzy Files, is a documentation of her ‘addictions’ and covers a lot of things, namely fashion, beauty and food. Combining three of our favourite things in life, Tezzy offers product and service reviews, DIY make-up and tutorials, as well as the latest news in the fashion and food worlds.

You can follow her on Instagram at @thetezzyfiles or on Twitter.

Dubai beauty blogger, The Tezzy Files

Image credit: Instagram.com/thetezzyfiles

#2 Sindy Mohammed // www.newoldgirl.com

With plenty of blog posts, and the followers to prove it, Sindy – the woman behind New Old Girl – provides a fresh new take on the definition of beauty in Dubai. With strikingly blue hair, an incredible wardrobe and a lifestyle that leaves us envious – Sindy is someone any make-up lover and fashionista in Dubai should be following.

Far from the ‘standard’ beauty bloggers you see, Sindy is smiley, lively and her blog posts are so much fun to read.

You can catch-up with her on Instagram at @sindy_mohammed or on Facebook, at New Old Girl.

Dubai beauty blogger, New Old Girl

Image credit: Instagram.com/sindy_mohammed

#3 Najla Kaddour // www.najlakaddour.com

Najla is a MUA and beauty/travel blogger based here in Dubai, whose blog, Najla Jaddour, provides refreshingly honest reviews of beauty products, services and experiences she’s tried across the emirate.

With posts covering everything from DIY beauty, to hair tutorials, make-up sessions, nails, skincare and current trends – visitors to her blog and social feeds will also be pleasantly surprised to find she’s a master of make-up herself.

Her Instagram feed is no doubt impressive, which already has 125k followers to support that fact – you’ll find beautiful photos of the UAE’s landscape, beauty inspo as well as pics captured from her travels.

Dubai beauty blogger, Najla Kaddour

Image credit: Instagram/najlakaddour

#4 Nina Carpio // www.smilelikenina.com

While Nina’s blog, Smile Like Nina, is a lifestyle blog here in Dubai – it’s jam-packed with beauty favourites, skincare routines and make-up tutorials for all beauty lovers to enjoy.

With an already impressive following of 10k+ followers on her Instagram page, Nina’s combination of impressive photography and content makes for a great read when you’re procrastinating for half an hour or so and in need of a beauty fix.

You can follow her on Twitter too, at @ninacarpz.

Dubai beauty blogger, Nina Carpio.

Image credit: Instagram/smilelikenina

#5 Stacey // http://www.expatmakeupaddict.com

As a self-confessed make-up addict, Stacey – the woman behind Expat Make Up Addict – enjoys the finer things in life; including beauty.

Her blog and Instagram feed provides a humble insight into the beauty world that exists here in Dubai, as well as foodie favourites and product reviews for you to scour. Her posts are honest – and cover everything from disappointing products, to reviews of the least expensive… And we know every fil counts when it comes to make-up shopping here in Dubai.

Dubai beauty blogger, Expat Make Up Addict

Image credit: Instagram/expatmakeupaddict