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Ask An Expert: Why Does Hair Turn Grey Over Time?

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15 January 2019

Grey hair generation

If you’ve reached a certain age in life, you’ll probably remember the first time that, in total horror, you plucked a grey hair from your head while looking in the mirror.

Going grey is a completely natural part of the ageing process, and it happens to most of us, but it can still be a shock to see your beloved natural hair shade changing colour over time.

Scalp Care to Onion Juice - 9 Ways to Boost Your Hair Health

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30 December 2018

Ways to boost your hair health

Cooler weather, plus weeks of partying, bad diet and not enough sleep means winter can be a recipe for hair disaster.

So, with January's arrival, there's no better time to give your tresses some TLC.

That doesn’t mean a complete overhaul of your routine – depending on the state of your locks all it takes is a couple of tweaks to get them back to optimal condition.

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7 Expert Beauty Predictions For 2019

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26 December 2018

Beauty Treatment

The beauty industry evolves so quickly it can be hard to keep up.

New brands emerge, makeup trends can flourish and then celebrities convince us we need the latest ‘it’ serum or lipstick, and product sales continue to boom.

So as 2018 comes to an end, in a bid to get ahead of the curve we asked a host of experts for their predictions on what’s going to be the next big thing in the cosmetics world, from skincare to sustainability.

Here’s what they had to say…

1. Tranexamic acid

Lady Gaga Just Debuted the Biggest Hair Colour Trend of 2019

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23 December 2018

Lady Gaga debuted biggest hair trend of 2019

Lady Gaga is known for her on stage beauty transformations, running the gamut from avant-garde artiste to glamour goddess and grungy rock chick.

But it’s the pop star’s latest off-duty look that has got fans excited, after her fiancé posted a picture on Instagram showing her with lilac hair.

The photo, which Christian Carino captioned ‘fountain of kindness’, shows the usually blonde singer in front of a fountain wearing a black leather jacket and Iron Maiden T-shirt, and has already got more than 19,000 likes in just a day.

7 Totally Bonkers Beauty Trends We Won't Miss In 2019

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6 December 2018

Bonkers Beauty Trends from 2018

For most of us, trying something new in beauty might stretch to a different mascara, some false lashes or a new shade of lippy.

But in the world of Instagrammers and catwalks, there’s always something far more out-there and 2018 has been no exception – with hair turned into vases and topped with flowers, and eyebrows covering the whole forehead among the looks that emerged.

As 2018 comes to a close, here, we take a look back at seven of the year’s biggest viral beauty trends…

How To Get And Maintain Icy Blonde Hair

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29 November 2018

How To Get And Maintain Icy Blonde Hair

A new season often makes us want to mix up our look. If you’re still wondering what change you should make, luckily Hilary Duff is here to give you some hair inspiration.

Duff is the latest celebrity to don the ‘winter white’ look, with an icy blonde hue that is perfect for wintertime.

But, before you transform your hair from dark to platinum blonde –you should know, it isn’t the easiest change to make. We spoke to the experts to find out everything you need to know if you’re also looking to make a seasonal hair switch…

The Truth About 24 Carat Gold Beauty Products

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27 November 2018

24 Carat Gold Beauty Products

All that glitters is not gold, they say, and that’s true for skincare as well!

Compared to gloopy grey clay that dries to a hard, crackly covering, gold face masks sure are pretty – and there are thousands of photos on Instagram to prove it.

But are these bright, shiny pastes and foils really effective – or are they just designed so that you’ll share a #maskie on social media and get more publicity for the brand?

Attention! Enjoy HUGE Savings on Lookfantastic for Black Friday

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23 November 2018

Lookfantastic is becoming the UAE's new go-to beauty destination

If you’re tired of trawling the mall on the hunt for your favourite beauty buys, we hear you. Most of the time, finding that must-have product that everyone is recommending is near on impossible.

Plus, with Black Friday happening this month – the thought of battling fellow shoppers is tiring, and we’d much rather shop from the comfort of our own sofa in our pyjamas.

So what if we told you there’s a new beauty haven now serving the UAE? The perfect go-to site for all of your beauty, hair and skincare needs.

Paris Hilton Is Coming To Dubai To Launch Her New Fragrance

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15 November 2018

Paris Hilton Is Coming To Dubai To Launch Her New Fragrance

Paris Hilton is returning to Dubai this month to launch her 24th fragrance Platinum Rush, the celebrity heiress will be at Dubai Festival City on 20th November to reveal the new scent and meet with her UAE fans.

The reality star, singer and DJ posted this message on Instagram: “Hey #Dubai. So excited to see you at the launch of my 24th Fragrance #PlatinumRush At @DubaiFestivalCityMall at Brands 4U at 4:30pm. See you there!”

Paris is currently touring the world to promote the new fragrance that is described as the perfect Christmas gift...

Kayali: Here's The Lowdown On Huda And Mona Kattan's Fragrance

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13 November 2018

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Kayali: Huda Beauty Fragrance

It’s finally here after six years in the making! Huda and Mona Kattan’s debut fragrance collection, Kayali, is launching this Friday 16th November –and it’s already on our Christmas wish list.

Kayali means "my imagination" in Arabic and is inspired by the rich heritage and simple sophistication of the Middle East. The Kayali perfume line will initially include four scents.