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5 Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets You Will Not Believe

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9 December 2022

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5 Old Hollywood Makeup Tricks You Will Not Believe

We live in the times where the makeup industry is at its peak of innovation.

No matter what your beauty concern is - a product for it exists. There are primers to fill in your pores, smart technology foundation brushes and mascaras that volumize, curl AND lengthen your lashes. The knowledge of makeup and beauty is not limited to makeup artists anymore. Thanks to YouTube and Instagram, anyone can learn the tricks of the trade.

9 Ways To Tell If a Salon in Dubai Is Safe

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24 February 2021

How to tell if a salon is safe in Dubai

If your beauty salon doesn’t take the right precautions, you could end up with some very nasty nail complaints...

What started as one American woman's dodgy polish job from a tiny nick from a manicure eventually landed her in the emergency room.

After getting a mani at the Arizona nail salon she had visited for a decade, Maria Luisa Gerardo’s cut became infected and eventually, she had to have emergency surgery to prevent amputation of the finger.

7 Eyeshadow Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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31 January 2021

Eyeshadow mistakes and how to avoid them

As a trained make-up artist with years of online tutorials under her belt and a multi-million dollar beauty empire to her name, Huda Kattan is an expert when it comes to eye make-up – to put it mildly.

The founder of the phenomenally successful Huda Beauty is particularly excited to talk about eyeshadow following the recent launch of what she says is her favourite ever eye palette, called Mercury Retrograde.

“I know a lot of people have been commenting on the versatility of the palette – it really is very versatile,” Kattan says.

How to Wear Lip Gloss the Grown-Up Way

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24 January 2021

How to wear lip gloss

The 1990s favourite beauty go-to is making a come-back...

Lip gloss is one of those items that can take you straight back to the Nineties – a time when all the make-up know-how you needed was the ability to apply a slick of sticky, glittery, berry-flavoured gloss to your mouth. And now it’s back – and luckily, it’s had an adult update.

8 Skincare Resolutions You Can Actually Keep This Year

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6 January 2021

8 Skincare Resolutions You Can Actually Keep This Year

Our skin tends to take a bit of a beating in December. Just think of all the times you skipped taking off your make-up after a particularly big night out, not to mention the excessive consumption of Christmas chocolates.

Now we’re well and truly into January, it’s time to make up for the errors of the past and show your skin a bit of love. Instead of buying expensive new serums and starting a 12-step skincare routine, there are plenty of easy, cheap and quick things you can adopt to help transform your skin.

5 Fragrances That Are Basically Spring In A Bottle

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3 January 2021

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best spring fragrances in Dubai and UAE

There is no better feeling in the world than putting your favourite outfit on, having your hair and makeup done and spritzing your favourite scent on yourself before you walk out the door.

But in a city that is as hot as Dubai, a fragrance that is too heavy can quickly make you smell like you are the ambassador of BO.

Here we list 5 fragrances that are light, fresh, long-lasting, and basically spring in a bottle, making them perfect for a climate as warm as the UAE's.

This is How Often You Should Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

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15 December 2020

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This is How Often You Should Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

They’re an essential piece of beauty kit we can’t do without...

Much as make-up artists love to wax lyrical about blending, dabbing and smearing with your finger, nothing beats the precision of a brush.

Their soft, dense bristles and balanced handles help us sculpt, shape and swirl to ensure our make-up looks flawless.

But according to a survey by Cosmetify, much as we love to use them daily, we’re not always sure how to care for our brush collection.

How to Prevent a Break Out in Spots Over Christmas

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21 November 2020

How to prevent a spot breakout during Christmas

Christmas is the one time of the year we want to shine.

And with so much glittery temptation winking at us from the makeup counters, little luxuries, such as a jewelled eye shadow can make us feel fabulous in an instant.

But it’s hard to play up your eyes and contour your cheeks with a shimmery highlighter if there’s a nasty red blotch competing with all those lovely iridescent hues.

To help tackle the problem of a sudden breakout and blemishes, here are seven lifesavers to help you show your best face.