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How to Prevent a Break Out in Spots Over Christmas

Here’s how to survive the festive season without a blemish in sight, says Sam Wylie-Harris

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21 November 2020

How to prevent a spot breakout during Christmas

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Christmas is the one time of the year we want to shine.

And with so much glittery temptation winking at us from the makeup counters, little luxuries, such as a jewelled eye shadow can make us feel fabulous in an instant.

But it’s hard to play up your eyes and contour your cheeks with a shimmery highlighter if there’s a nasty red blotch competing with all those lovely iridescent hues.

To help tackle the problem of a sudden breakout and blemishes, here are seven lifesavers to help you show your best face.

1. Follow a good skincare routine

“Spots result from a build-up of sebum and dead skin cells in the entrance to the skin pore. To tackle the problem, develop a good cleansing routine,” says Dr. Meryn Patterson, a cosmetic doctor at Woodford Medical.

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“For example, use a purifying wash which contains salicylic acid. This has a deep pore cleansing effect while at the same time reducing inflammation without drying the skin.

“Additionally, switching to a mineral makeup line is sensible as the lighter coverage from the minerals avoids clogging pores and therefore doesn’t aggravate the condition.”

How to prevent a spot breakout during Christmas

2. Stay hydrated

Cold winter months can make your skin very dry due to the icy exteriors and warm heated interiors. Dryness causes your skin to produce more oil to over-compensate, and this in turn can give you more spots.

Dehydration can also give your skin a dull appearance which can lead to inflammation and redness so try to drink plenty of water each day, starting today.

3. Try taking zinc supplements or a home remedy

Sra recommends taking zinc supplements which have been clinically proven to help reduce acne. Other home remedies include applying a mask of honey and cinnamon for 15 minutes and then rinse off (honey has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties) or spot treatment with tea tree oil diluted in water which can reduce skin inflammation.

4. Moderate alcohol consumption and rich foods

‘Tis the season to overindulge: “Over the festive period, we tend to consume more alcohol owing to Christmas parties and family get-togethers. Consumption of alcohol can alter your hormone levels and this imbalance in the hormone levels can cause acne,” says Dr Hina Sra, advanced aesthetic doctor at Cosmebeauté.

And then there’s the tendency to eat rich foods, dairy products and high glycaemic foods such as potatoes and white bread which can also make acne worse.

How to prevent a spot breakout during Christmas

5. Invest in this brand new spot cream

New from American cult beauty brand, Epionce, the Purifying Spot Gel (£36, Epionce) has just landed in the UK. This gel is clinically proven to rapidly diminish breakouts faster than leading prescription products: A little dab is all you need, and you can apply up to 4 times a day until the blemish is gone.

6. Book in for a professional facial treatment

“We recommend regular cleansing treatments that reduce oil production, such as Hydrafacial which incorporates glycolic peel, extraction of blackheads with salicylic acid and blue LED light therapy which helps to kill any remaining bacteria on the skin,” says Sra. “Oil-free moisturisers can clog the pores so try and avoid these.”

How to prevent a spot breakout during Christmas

7. Learn how to cover-up with a great foundation and concealer

While it’s tempting to squeeze that pimple, broken skin is much harder to conceal so try to leave it alone and that way you’ll get better coverage. Firstly, apply your foundation as normal, and then double up with a concealer that matches the same tone as your foundation.

Gently tap it on the spot, blend and finish with a light dusting of translucent powder. Finish with a double coat of your favourite volumising mascara and all eyes will be on those mega long lashes, rather than any superficial skin issues. Ta da!