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5 Common Myths About False Lashes

Falsies don’t have to be fiddly.

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26 January 2020

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5 Common Myths About False Lashes

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If you’ve never tried them, false eyelashes might seem like they’re not worth the hassle.

Or maybe you’ve seen someone sporting thick, moth-like lashes balanced precariously atop their lids and thought, ‘Yikes, that’s not a good look’.

But if you find the right falsies, no one will be able to tell they’re not real, and once you’ve got the hang of applying them, you’ll be hooked.

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Here, Eylure make-up artist Sara Sordillo busts five common myths about false eyelashes, and offers her expert advice for how to master the false lash look…

Eylure make-up artist Sara Sordillo

1. False lashes always look fake

“We are used to seeing the big and exaggerated lashes of drag queens, but false lashes now come in more shapes, sizes and colours than ever before.

“When picking natural-looking false lashes, you want to go for more fluttery and wispy styles, that don’t look like uniform lashes.

False lashes always look fake

“Styles that have a W shape with dips and raises in the lengths help to seamlessly blend with your own lashes, and will look more subtle.

“If you find black false lashes too dramatic for day wear, they also come in a dark brown, which is great for those with lighter hair colours.”

2. They’re difficult to apply

“It is often the sticking the lash on to the eyelid that most people find difficult.

“The trick is to look down at a mirror, not straight on, like you would when applying make-up.

“Looking down means that the eyelid is smooth – if you close one eye at a time, your lid puckers and that means parts of the false lash may not stick on properly, causing it to lift.

“Also, sometimes false lashes need to be trimmed to fit properly. Hold the false lash along your natural lash line to measure when it needs to be trimmed, and always cut from the outside corner to allow the false lashes to keep their shape and flair.

“Next apply a line of glue on the top of the lash band and add an extra small ball on either end, as this is often where the lash starts to lift.

They’re difficult to apply

“Pop the lashes down and wait 30 seconds – don’t waft them, just let them rest – before using tweezers to place them on your eyelid and gently pushing them into place.

“Finally, when in doubt, use eyeliner. Apply eyeliner before the lashes, and again after, to cover any mistakes.”

3. You have to use glue

Can’t get to grips with glue? The most recent industry innovation is magnetic lashes.

“The new Eylure ProMagnetic Liner & Lash System is revolutionary,” Sordillo says.

“The lashes come with magnetic points hidden on the lash band and their special magnetic eyeliner.

“After three coats (apply each one after the previous coat has dried) the ProMagnetic false lashes will attract on using the magnetic properties.

“Magnetic lashes are great for first-time lash users, as you don’t need to worry about sticking the lash on wrong, because it will only adhere to the eyeliner.

“When applying the eyeliner, don’t worry about mistakes and smudges – you can use a cotton bud dipped in micellar water and neaten the line up. This won’t affect the magnetic properties.”

4. False lashes won’t stay put

Tried false eyelashes but found that they won’t stay glued down at the edges?

“Often the problem is ill-fitting lashes,” Sordillo says. “Eyes are unique and the shape and size varies. Make sure you have measured the lashes to your own eyes and trimmed them.

“You don’t want them pressing into the inner corner, as this can lift with blinking. You want them to start where the white of your eye starts.

“Also, new lashes are stiff, which can cause lifting. Give the band a little wiggle to make it more malleable, which will allow the lashes to hug the curve of your lid.”

5. You can only use them once

“If you look after glue-on lashes, you can use them about seven times, even more if you’re good at keeping them clean.

“Just gently peel off the glue after use – you can soften it with a cotton bud and micellar water – run it along the band and it should start to come away. Do the same on the lashes to remove mascara.

“With magnetic eyelashes, there is no end to how many times you can use them, just clean the eyeliner off the magnets after every use, using a cotton bud and micellar water.

“Finally, to keep false eyelashes looking fresh, always put them back in the tray, so next time you come to wear them, they will look good as new.”