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6 Ways to Change Up Your Beauty Routine for Summer

Hotter weather generally means smudged make-up, unless you act accordingly

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13 May 2019

Ways to update your beauty routine for summer

The weather is finally heating up and we can start preparing for summer.

Just as you change your wardrobe to suit the finer weather, you need to switch up your beauty regime as well. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean lots of time and money, just a shift in what you prioritise, and the help of a few handy products.

Here’s how Isa Lavahun from Cosmetify thinks you should change your skincare and make-up routine to suit the rising temperatures…

#1 Think about SPF

We’re firm believers in wearing SPF every day of the year, as UV rays can creep through even when the sky looks cloudy. However, if you don’t wear daily SPF, summer is definitely the time to start thinking about it.

If you don’t want to put on sunscreen in the morning, Lavahun says: “Primer is a great place to start; it forms a base for the rest of your make-up, while smoothing the skin and creating a barrier between the skin’s natural oils and your foundation.”

Using primers that include SPF, like the Dermalogica Primer, means your skin is protected from UV rays and you’re still able to apply your make-up flawlessly.

Dermalogica Primer with SPF30

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#2 Get serious about exfoliating

When you banish turtlenecks and tights to the back of your wardrobe, you need to put a bit more effort into keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy. That’s right; it’s exfoliation time.

“Regularly exfoliating helps your skin stay soft and smooth, prevents dry patches and makes removing hair that bit easier,” Lavahun explains. “For this, we recommend the Tree Hut Shea Sugar body scrub which, infused with honey, not only smells delicious but gets rid of dead skin, to leave your body feeling nourished.”

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub

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3. Don’t forget your hair

If you’re taking the time to protect your skin, it would make no sense to forget about your hair. “Increased exposure to sun and chlorine can dry out your hair, causing it to become damaged,” says Lavahun. “You should be using a treatment mask or conditioner to hydrate your locks twice a week.”

However, it’s not just aftercare you need to pay attention to if you want your hair to stay healthy all summer. “It’s also important to protect your hair pre-sun exposure, and there are products that, like sunscreen, shield your hair against sun and sea damage,” says Lavahun.

Sisley Hair Rituel Regenerating Hair Mask

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4. Less is more

The heavy foundation which has been a dream in the colder months won’t work as well when the weather gets warmer, so Lavahun recommends the ‘less is more’ rule.

“Winter beauty products may be too heavy for the warmer weather, and a full face of make-up can clog up pores and feel hot on your face,” she explains.

This is why BB cream will be your new best friend: “They are lighter than most foundations, have hydrating qualities and often contain SPF, which protects against UV rays and has anti-ageing properties,” says Lavahun.

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream

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5. Waterproof your look

Few things are worse than applying a flawless face of make-up, only to have it melt off in the heat. Waterproof make-up might be a bit trickier to take off at the end of the day, but it’s the key to a long-lasting look because it’s “designed specifically to stand firm in the face of sweat and other liquids”, says Lavahun.

Waterproof mascara isn’t just for when you’re going through a break-up, it’s perfect for preventing any annoying summer smudges.

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6. …And set it too

“As well as waterproofing your look with specific beauty products, you will also need to ensure your make-up stays in place, which is particularly important in the heat and humidity,” Lavahun explains. This is where setting sprays and fixing mists come to the rescue. They ensure your make-up stays in place all day long, all you have to do is give your face a quick spray before heading out the door.

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