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5 Reasons You Might Be Getting Premature Wrinkles

Prevent premature ageing by avoiding these habits

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25 October 2016

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how to avoid Pre-Mature Wrinkles

Wrinkles are an inevitable part of getting older. And while there is nothing wrong with wrinkles themselves, you surely do not want to get them before you are supposed to.

Read on to find out what are some common habits we all have that contribute to premature ageing and wrinkles.

1. You smoke/drink

Have you noticed how you don't look your best after a night of drinking? Well, it's because alcohol dehydrates your skin.

Smoking (or even being exposed to smoke), on the other hand, can trigger the breakdown of collagen and can lead to loose, saggy skin. Do your skin and favour and avoid both smoking and drinking excessively.

2. You skip sunscreen

We cannot emphasise how important sunscreen is! It is estimated that sun exposure accounts for up to 70 percent of the skin's ageing. You should be wearing sunscreen EVERY-SINGLE-DAY despite the season/ whether you are indoors or outdoors.

3. You do not drink enough water

This one is no-brainer. You have probably heard this a million times by now, but drinking water is paramount for having good skin. Not drinking enough water can cause dehydration, which can make the skin appear papery and fine lines more apparent.

4. You are too expressive

Facial movements — like squinting, raising your eyebrows, or furrowing your brows — cause the muscles in those areas to contract, which makes the skin wrinkle.

5. You consume a high-sugar diet

As much as we love our doughnuts and chocolates, a diet high in sugar and low in antioxidants lead to poor skin nutrition and have pro-aging effects.