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5 Beauty Gadgets Worth The Money

You can stop using cucumbers to de-puff your eyes.

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13 October 2016

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If the era of today could be summed up in one word it would probably be technology. Technology has taken over every aspect of our lives and beauty is no exception. Here are 5 beauty gadgets that will transform your beauty routine.

1. Clarisonic - Mia FIT

Clarisonic became the beauty gadget pioneer when they came out with the original electrical face cleansing brush. They have constantly innovated and their latest brush – the Mia FIT is no exception. Although it features a lightweight, compact design, this pocket-sized beauty gadget packs a mighty punch when it comes to ridding your pores of dirt, makeup, and oil. It is also fully rechargeable, waterproof, and ideal for travel. Love!

Clarisonic Mia FIT

Clarisonic - Mia FIT at selfridges.com (image credit: Selfridges)

2. Foreo - IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager

If you have puffy eyes, fine lines/wrinkles or crow’s feet, this is the perfect beauty gadget for you. This massager incorporates Alternating T-Sonic™ technology which rejuvenates the eye contour for a smoother, brighter, and more youthful appearance while improving the absorption of eye creams and serums.

Foreo IRIS Eye Massager

Foreo - IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager at foreo.com (image credit: Foreo)

3. BLISS - Fabulips 'Pout'-o-Matic

Electrical toothbrushes are pretty common, but an electrical brush for your lips? Now we’re talking. This battery powered brush should be used with an exfoliating scrub that stimulates and exfoliates your lips which gets rid of dry skin. Your lipstick never went on so smooth before!

 BLISS Fabulips 'Pout'-o-Matic

BLISS - Fabulips 'Pout'-o-Matic at blissworld.com (image credit: Bliss)

4. Skin Inc – Optimiser Voyage Tri-Light

Lighting therapy has taken off in a big way in the beauty industry. This particular device has 3 colours (blue, red and yellow) of LED lights – each to solve a specific skin concern. The blue light helps to alleviate acne/sebum buildup, the red light enhances collagen production, and the yellow light revives and brightens dull skin. This is how it works: when the light is exposed to the skin, it penetrates the skin and activates the light receptors which then work to solve the problem your skin is facing. Sold!

Skin Inc – Optimiser Voyage Tri-Light

SKIN INC – Optimiser Voyage Tri-Light at iloveskininc.com (image credit: SKIN INC)

5. Temptu – Airpod Airbrush 24-Hour Root Touch-Up & Hair Color

Temptu first rocked the makeup world by launching amazing tools for airbrush makeup. Now, they have followed it up with an airbrush tool that delivers a micro-fine mist of pigment that comes with an option of 7 different shades called pods (from platinum blonde to black) that cover roots and brighten highlights. It is waterproof and transfer resistant. The colour won’t come off until you shampoo, so you can work out or go for a swim without having to reapply. Perfect if you are too swamped to make it to the salon.

Temptu Airpod Airbrush 24-Hour Root Touch-Up

Temptu – Airpod Airbrush 24-Hour Root Touch-Up & Hair Color at temptu.com (image credit: Temptu)