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How to Get the Best Eyelash Extensions

Want fluttery and the best lash extensions? Here’s our low-down on everything you should know

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28 April 2019

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Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Roberts, Group Editor of ExpatWoman

Eyelashes are currently in the spotlight – and we’re here for it.

Last year it was lip fillers, and before that, your eyebrows. But for 2019, it seems our eyelashes are having a minute… And they totally deserve the attention RN.

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Even though it’s at least 1 hour to have your lash extensions applied, the thought of being able to wake up for up to 3 weeks looking flawless and fresh is enough to convince us that we need lash extensions in our life.

So to make sure you’re clued-up before heading to get them done, here’s our guide on eyelash extensions…

How to prepare for eyelash extensions

Turn up at your appointment make-up and moisturiser free. If you wear content lenses, remove them and wear your glasses instead. Avoid using waterproof mascara for up to 48 hours before your appointment, as this leaves oily residue on your lashes.

What are the risks of eyelash extensions?

When booking your appointment, you should let your lash technician know if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or recently had another eyelash treatment recently – like a lash lift. As with every beauty treatment, there are some risks associated with eyelash extensions; you may have an allergy to the glue, or to the tools that are used to apply them. Discuss with the salon about having a patch test to rule-out any risk of an allergic reaction.

How to choose a good salon for lash extensions

Simple – do your research and go on recommendations. Take a look at their social media pages and ask as many questions as you have until you feel comfortable.

What’s the biggest mistake women make with lash extensions?

Unlike false lashes, a lash technician applying eyelash extensions can only work with the lashes they’re presented with. If you have short, sparse natural lashes, then you can enhance what you have but you won’t be able to have anything too long or too heavy attached. By doing so you risk having saggy lashes or damaging your natural lash. Remember, bigger isn’t always better.

What can I do to help my extensions last longer?

  • Don’t use oil-based products on the lashes, as oils break down the bond of the glue
  • Don’t wear mascara on them
  • Clean them daily – you can buy a specific lash cleanser, which is formulated to be gentle on lashes and helps remove grime
  • Brush them daily to keep them neat, fluffy and healthy
  • Never pick them! Pick them only removes the extensions, and you might pluck out your natural lashes, too

Will my natural eyelashes fall out?

Not if you have your eyelash extensions done properly, and by a trained lash technician. Losing your natural lashes when having eyelash extensions only occurs when:

  • You pick out your extensions
  • If your technician applies lashes too heavy for your natural lashes
  • The technician used too much glue
  • Bad isolation – if your technician doesn’t isolate every natural lash you’ll end up with a big clumpy mess

Do false eyelashes hurt during application?

No, but it can be strange – especially if you’re sensitive around your eyes. The glue might sting your eyes if you don’t keep them closed properly, or you open them too soon after treatment. If you feel any discomfort, it’s best to tell you your technician so she can adjust her tools properly.

How long does it take to have lash extensions applied?

The total amount of time taken varies from person to person. Typically, an average individual takes around 90 minutes to apply. Thicker, ‘Russian Volume’ lashes may take longer. And the process is as follows:

  • For individual lash extensions, one extension is applied to every natural lash
  • ’Russian’ lashes require extra skill, and involves two to eight lashes combined to create a fan, which is then applied to each individual natural lash
  • Lashes are cleaned, then a gel pad is applied to your under eye, with tape to hold your bottom lashes secure to keep them out of the way

Do lash extensions feel heavy when they’re on?

The perfect lash extensions should be weight-less. You might be able to see them, but they should be very light.

Can I wear contacts with false eyelash extensions?

Yes, it’s fine to wear your contacts after you’ve had your extensions done.

Can I wash my face and wear make-up as normal?

Yes, but make sure you’re using oil-free products as oil is the one thing that breaks down the bond of the glue. Be gentle with your lashes, don’t scrub them. Instead wash them gently, then rub them clean with your fingertips, rinse them, dab them dry then give them a brush.

Is there anything I can’t use on my eyes with lash extensions on?

Oil and mascara are the biggest no-nos.

Alternative (easier and cheaper) options to eyelash extensions

Instead of stretching your budget to get eyelash extensions, try lash tinting instead. An average lash tint costs around AED 40 to AED 60 depending on the salon you visit and can last from four to six weeks.

Otherwise, you can always opt for strip lashes! Here are three types we recommend:

Pinky Goat Rania Deluxe 3D Silk Lashes

These deluxe, handmade 3D Silk lashes are cruelty-free and light-weight with a thin cotton band for a luxurious feel. Adding intense volume and length to any look, each unique style can be worn up to 15 times. No mascara required!
AED 95

Lilly Lashes The Luxury Collection - Diamonds

If you're looking for an eye accentuating lash with a natural finish, look no further. Created to add subtle length and curl for any eye shape, the Diamond Luxury Mink lash is a must-have essential for any lash lover.
AED 153

Wow By Wojooh Lash Over - Instant Volume

Instant lashes for instant results. The Product Lash Over - Instant Volume Lashes are perfect for anyone looking to experiment with different looks or simply add some volume to their lashes. They're easy to use and come with their own adhesive.
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