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Eid Henna and Mehndi Designs That Are Simply Lovely

Try one of these eye-catching designs for the Eid holiday

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8 August 2019

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Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Roberts, Group Editor of ExpatWoman
Eid henna design ideas

Image credit: Instagram.com/weddingzzcraze

Henna - also known as Mehndi - is one of the most common sights during the Eid holidays.

Whether it's Eid Al Fitr or Eid Al Adha, both joyous occasions bring those celebrating together over festivities, feasts, and family gatherings. Both religious holidays bring communities together to observe Eid, and for us girls, it's a great time to have body art done.

Known as henna, or Mehndi, the form of body art is often applied to hands and feet and is common amongst Arab and Indian nationals.

Usually made of reddish-brown dye, henna tattoos are temporary and designs can vary from clean lines and modern images to highly intricate traditional Arabic or Indian designs. The ink derives from a plant called Lawsonia inermis that grows in tropical climates.

If you want to have your own henna tattoo down for Eid holidays, here are some lovely eye-catching designs to give you some inspiration...