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Find Your Best Halloween Makeup Ideas With These Beauty Deals

We've haunted Amazon Beauty Week so you can possess the best makeup to inspire your next Halloween look

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18 September 2019

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Clarice Awa

Editor Clarice Awa at ExpatWoman
Find Your Best Halloween Makeup Ideas With These Beauty Deals

Makeup isn't scary until you want it to be

Halloween is just around the corner and so is another scarily good event: Amazon Beauty Week. From September 19 - 25, thousands of top makeup brands are on offer for incredibly low prices.

Whatever your costume may be this year, you won't have to opt for costume store makeup. With so many deals to add to our shopping cart, we've found products that are vibrant and pigment-packed, sure to amp up any Halloween look.

The best part is that unlike typical tacky and cheap costume store cosmetics, real deal makeup can be reused all year round so you won't be tossing it away after your night as a zombie-unicorn-teacher-something is over. Perhaps not all year round, but you might be feeling days where you want to wear a bold black lip.

So whether your vanity is a graveyard of near-empty makeup palettes, or you're looking for that perfect shade in time for your Halloween look, our round-up of the best colourful, Halloween makeup will take care of all that hocus pocus. We've also added some Halloween makeup inspiration to see how far a little imagination can take you!

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1. Wonder Woman

Nothing's more classic Wonder Woman than going for a pop-art look. Add a pop of white using white eyeliner, accentuate and exaggerate those comic book lines with a black liquid liner, and recreate her metal bracelets and tiara using yellow paint.

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2. Galaxy

If you're looking for a Halloween outfit that's truly out of this world - why not go for this stellar galaxy theme? It looks difficult, but it's all about playing with the light purples, blues, and highlights.

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3. David Bowie

Feeling like you can be a hero, just for one day? Channel your inner David Bowie this Halloween. The red Ziggy Stardust hair is of the essence here, but if you can't rock that head of hair this time, just slick and tease back your hair into a faux mullet. Recreate his look with a vibrant red eyeshadow, black liner, use a dark rosy blush to contour, and red makeup paint with a streak of blue for the lightning design.

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4. Ice Queen

No need to invoke the singing vocals of Queen Elsa to nail this icy queen look. Once you've lined your eyes with a white liner, extend your lashes with the same to get that frostbitten effect. Finish off using the milk eyeshadow shade from Maybelline and apply it as a blusher as well.

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5. Violet Beauregarde

We're not turning green for this makeup look, we're turning violet! The perfect Halloween makeup for those who loved the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story growing up. Don Maybelline's wine purple lipstick, line your eyes with Bourjois' smoky eyeshadow liner, and use L'Oreal's lilac shades as a lovely violet blush and contour. For a complexion as though you just chewed on a tester gum from Wonka factory, we love Mehron Makeup's violet face paint.

But to really pull off Violet, don't forget to chew on some gum.

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6. Black and White Clown

Raise your hand if you've ever had an uneven cat-eye - we've all been there. With this avant-garde, vintage black and white clown Halloween fantasy, you won't have to worry about your makeup looking uneven. In fact, the more non-perfect it looks, the better! Complete it with a black headband and outfit.

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7. Glittery Pink Skull

If you're someone who adores pink makeup, you'll glad to know a shopping cart's worth might be needed for this Halloween makeup look. Rachel Leary created this rendition of the classic skull makeup especially for Breast Cancer Awareness.

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8. Throwback Makeup

For makeup lovers, there's nothing scarier than confronting how your makeup used to look like in the past. We learn and we build our skills, perfecting that cut crease and getting that nose contour on point. If you really want to scare fellow makeup aficionados this Halloween, try a cheeky throwback of how awkward early 2000s-2010s makeup was like. That's right - uber glittery blue/green eyeshadow, pencil thin eyebrows, and neon pink lips.

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For the throwback makeup:

Keep the other half of your face up to date with modern trends.

9. Oompa Loompa

Transform yourself into an Oompa Loompa with bright green hair, tangerine skin, green and yellow eyeshadow, and white eyebrows.

Opt for a foundation that's one to two shades darker than what you use, and try using a white eyeliner to pencil in your shocking white brows.

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