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Disney World Now Offers Princess Makeovers For Adults

Posted on

9 August 2018

Princess Makeovers For Adults at Disney

“If you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true” –Sleeping Beauty

Remember when North West and Penelope Disick got princess makeovers at Disney World, and you were super jealous you weren’t five and couldn’t get one too –well, we have good news as the 'Bibbity Bobbity Boutique' are now offering princess makeovers for adults too!

Crayola Have Launched A Makeup Line Your Inner-Child Will Love

Posted on

6 June 2018

Crayola Beauty ASOS Dubai

At some point in our lives we’ve already used Crayola to give our childhood selves a makeover –we’re pretty sure we gave the walls a makeover too, sorry mum! As now Crayola has launched a nostalgic beauty line which is both vegan and cruelty free makeup. The 58-piece collection has 95 shades to smudge, blend and colour outside of the lines.

6 Amazing Foundations That Won't Melt In The Dubai Heat

Posted on

20 March 2018

Foundations That Won’t Melt In The Dubai Heat

Choosing makeup for Dubai’s heat can be tough, and we’re only in March –the worst is still to come! So it’s key to choose a long lasting heatproof foundation which stays put in the UAE’s extreme summer heat.

We’ve all been there. Slaved for hours perfecting our make up for Friday brunch in Dubai, only for our foundation (arguably the most important thing) to melt off and leave us looking patchy, grrrrrr!

6 Beauty Trends You Need To Know For Spring Makeup Looks

Posted on

22 February 2018

6 Beauty Trends You Need To Know For Spring Makeup Looks

Fashion weeks are currently showcasing the latest makeup trends we’ll be following for spring in Dubai, as the cat-eye flick (has it ever gone away), glossy skin, and neon shades are just some of the beauty trends that are back for the season ahead.

Gigi Hadid Maybelline Collection Is Finally Available To Buy In The Middle East

Posted on

19 February 2018

Gigi Hadid X Maybelline collection buy in Dubai

It’s been a long wait for the Gigi Hadid X Maybelline collection to be available to buy in Dubai and UAE, after the collection was launched in October 2017. As we’ve patiently browsed everything from the Gigi Hadid Tinted Primer to the multi-purpose Jetsetter Palette, last week we got the Gigi Hadid news we’ve been waiting for.

The New Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette: So When Does It Drop In Dubai?

Posted on

6 February 2018

Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette Dubai

Urban Decay have pulled a “Kylie Jenner” and surprised us with a new beauty product launch! The new Urban Decay Naked Palette comes in a miniature size at half the price, as we’re excited to learn the date that the Naked Petite Heat palette will arrive in Dubai and the Middle East.

7 Eyeshadow Palettes Perfect For Romantic Makeup Looks

Posted on

1 February 2018

Valentine's Day eyeshadow palettes

Whether you’ve got a date in Dubai, or you just feel like treating yourself to a new pink shades palette for Valentine’s-inspired makeup looks, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to try new makeup techniques, experiment with textures and choose alternative hues.

Introducing The Lip Colour'Ink Range From La Petite Robe Noire By Guerlain

Posted on

31 January 2018

Lip Colour’Ink liquid lipstick by Petite Robe Noire

Going straight to the top of Valentine’s Day beauty wish list is the new Lip Colour’Ink liquid lipstick by Petite Robe Noire from Guerlain, which becomes available to shop in the UAE from 1st February.

Our Favourite Huda Beauty Contour & Strobe Set Looks

Posted on

9 November 2017

The Latest Release of Huda Beauty Products

Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk Palette will always be a makeup bag essential, but the new Huda Beauty Contour & Strobe Set looks just as amazing!

Huda Beauty’s latest release has not only had beauty bloggers contouring their lips in a new way, it has also started a stream of Huda Beauty lip tin Instagram pictures that we love. Because the packaging is always just as important as the product!