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The Best & Worst Waterproof Mascaras

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21 December 2016

7 Best & 3 Worst Waterproof Mascaras Decoded

The next time you see a beauty junkie crying her eyes out in public know that she is testing her new waterproof mascara.

A good water resistant mascara is an essential magic wand that we can never travel without. But the question is what constitutes as a good and sturdy mascara? Makeup brands have spoiled us rotten by launching separate mascaras for every effect. Like a child who can never have enough candy, we want'em all!

10 Most Talked About Beauty Products Of 2016

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13 December 2016

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10 Most Talked About Beauty Products In 2016

Overwhelming - the number of beauty products launched in 2016. From reality stars (Kylie Jenner) to makeup artists (Pat McGrath) to beauty bloggers (Huda Kattan), everyone seems to be launching a makeup/beauty line. So how do you know what's worth it and what's not? Word of mouth! Or in today's world - word of social media.

Here we have a roundup of 10 beauty products that rocked the social media world in 2016.

This Makeup Artist Took Glitter Makeup To Another Level

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5 December 2016

Face Full of Glitter Makeup

If a face full of food makeup wasn’t enough to put you in holiday mood then this over-the-board glitter makeup will do the trick. Makeup artist Katie Butt decided to give festive inspiration a whole new meaning with 100% glitter face makeup and boy, she is sparkling!

From sculpting her cheeks to filling her bows, Katie used glitter makeup to embrace the festive season - a little too literally. If you're daring enough to try on her challenge then be sure to get some shielding glasses for your guests in case they are blinded by your awesome shine.

This Blogger Used Food As Makeup & The Result Is Delicious

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4 December 2016

Raychel Newton

We love food and we love makeup but wouldn't ever think of mixing the two. Enter Raychel Newton - a beauty genius popularly known as makeup_maven on Instagram who created a subtle festive look for thanksgiving using yummy food items ONLY.

Now, we all can relate to experimenting with DIY face masks and fruit peels but using corn starch as translucent powder is a different level of innovation altogether.

Watch how Raychel achieved her beautiful/edible look in the #FaceFullofFoodChallenge video that has been viewed more than thirty-five thousand times.

7 Best Concealers To Cover Dark Circles

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3 December 2016

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Best Concealers To Cover Dark Circles

There is not much you can do to permanently get rid of dark circles as they are mostly hereditary. Other reasons for dark circles are not drinking enough water and not getting enough sleep. Whatever the reason may be you do not have to face the world like that.

Kick dark circles to the curb with these 7 concealers that have seriously bomb coverage.

5 Most Long Lasting Lipsticks EVER!

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27 November 2016

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best long lasting lipstick 2016

The season of parties has begun. And you know what that means... you are going to want to look picture perfect all through the night. And an important part of looking camera ready is to have a smudge-proof lipstick that doesn't fade.

Here are 5 lipsticks that you need if you do not want to worry about touching up through the night:

5 Makeup Trends That Need To Die

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20 November 2016

5 Makeup Trends That Shouldn’t Make it to 2017

The year 2016 has seen the rise of some rather ridiculous makeup trends.

Makeup is almost entirely about exaggeration nowadays - one wants bigger lips, bolder brows, defined cheekbones and highlight that could blind the sun itself. While all these enhancements can make a person look nice, doing everything all at once in excess can send you packing to drag queen territory.

Here is our list of overrated makeup trends that are best left behind in 2016.