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Will A Silicone Bra Insert Replace Your Makeup Sponge?

Another crazy one from the beauty world.

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6 December 2016

This Sponge Will Replace Your Beauty Blender

image credit: mollycosmetics/Instagram

While you’re still dabbing your face with a beauty blender every morning – the world has moved on to Silisponge, a clear oblong shaped squished tool that can cut your makeup time by half, save product and above all is super fun to use.

Created by Hong Kong-based beauty brand, Molly Cosmetics, Silsponge is made of silicon (obviously). And although it bears an uncanny resemblance to a bra insert, this $10 (AED 36) product is designed to blend foundation, blush or powder while minimising waste - something your precious beauty blender can’t do. As Molly’s Cosmetics explain on their Instagram post, “It is ideal for people who don’t like messy fingers during makeup. AND I bet you can imagine cleaning THIS APPLICATOR will literally take no more effort than rubbing it with a little soap and rinsing with some lukewarm water.”

But there’s a downside. The product got so insanely famous that it’s pre-booked till February 2017.

See this genius at work. Trust us, it’s so satisfying!