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Girls From Our Office Reveal Their Best Beauty Buys

Inspo for your next beauty haul!

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23 August 2017

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Girls From Our Office Reveal Their Best & Worst Beauty Buys

In a place like Dubai where there are thousands and thousands of beauty products and brands available, a girl is spoiled for choice.

In this feature, we enlist what girls from our office love when it comes to all things beauty.

Rebecca, Group Editor

One staple in my daily beauty regime that I can’t live without is my MAC Mineralize Charged Water Moisturiser (AED 198). I’m not a big fan of wearing make-up every day of my life, and when my skin is in good condition, this moisturizing gel is all I need to keep my face fresh, smooth and hydrated for the entire day.

MAC Mineralize Charged Water Moisturiser

image credit: MAC

Melissa, Client Support Manager

There are two beauty products I love. The first is Palmer’s Rosehip Skin Therapy Oil (AED 36) – the best face oil out there for oily/combination skin. It is a ‘dry’ oil meaning I can rub it in without worrying that it will make my skin slick and doesn’t transfer or cause blotchiness. I actually use it is a primer most times, and also mix it in my foundation to get a dewy look that’s not cakey.

Another amazing product is the Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Butter (AED 60) – One swipe with my cotton swab is enough to clean all of my make up, and it’s lasted me almost 2 years because it requires very little product per use.

Palmer’s Rosehip Skin Therapy Oil

image credit: Palmer's

Kimberly, Corporate Events Manager

I cannot recommend the Aztec Secret Healing Clay enough! It totally lives up to the hype. It is AED 45 which is a steal considering the tub will last you for ages (about a year for me), as only a little scoop is required for every facial.

I try to use it every ten days or so and it is by far the best face mask I’ve ever used.

Aztec Secret Healing Clay

image credit: Aztec Secret

Tory, Community Growth Manager

There are two beauty products that are staples in my routine. The first is the Doctor Organic Manuka Honey Scrub – This miracle in a bottle is only AED 62 and works a treat. A little goes a long way for this rejuvenating scrub, and it perfect for ridding any recent spot scars and evening out skin tone. My skin is particularly fair and sensitive, and I struggled to find a scrub that makes my face feel clean and doesn’t break out after. This healthy scrub does the trick and I recommend using only twice a week and not daily.

The second product I love is Rimmel's London BB Cream Matte – This is my go to, daily coverage for my skin. With SPF 15 and a matte effect, it is perfect for my oily fair face and gives me a balanced coverage that lasts. Whilst being so hot and humid here in Dubai, I used to break out regularly when using heavy foundation daily. Finding this lightweight makeup has saved my face, and my pocket (only AED 39!).

Rimmel's London BB Cream Matte

image credit: Rimmel

Dina, Social Media Executive

Well to start off, I'm not a makeup junkie at all and I don't even have a budget for it either! With time though I slightly educated myself by learning from friends and cousins on what products are helpful and good to use specially a skin conscious person like me does not like to apply anything on their face. A friend of mine introduced me to the Sephora Outrageous Curl Mascara about a year ago.

I wore it for a wedding on my first time and it worked wonders. A few months later I invested in purchasing it and it only cost me AED 69 with a smaller size available in AED 40. Not too expensive of a product though, for a good brand, it sort of gives you an eyelash volume pump! Something every girl would love to have regardless of the length of her eyelashes!

Sephora Outrageous Curl Mascara

image credit: Sephora

Lizan, Editorial Assistant

A couple of years ago my mother gave me a bottle of Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil and I have been hooked ever since I tried it. You simply apply a little to your hair after washing it and then either dry your hair or leave it to dry by itself. It always helps to nourish my hair and gives it that extra shine and healthy look for the day. A bottle costs around AED 27 and a bottle lasts me about 2 months.

Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil

image credit: Avon

Huwida, Bilingual Editorial Assistant

A product I can’t live without is the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara. And from its name I think you you can tell what it gives you.

This mascara costs nothing more than AED 15, and I personally get it from Carrefour. I always get compliments on my lashes when I use it, and people often mistake my real lashes for false extensions. If it ever runs out, I think I’ll buy a one way ticket to somewhere isolated, and live there forever.

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

image credit: Essence

Reshma, Financial Accountant

I have curly/ wavy hair and along with that its super frizzy! Enter Redken's Curvaceous Ringlet, my absolute life saver!

It’s a creamy formula that also smells amazing, apply it on semi dry hair, and you’re good to go, it keeps the frizz at bay and also gives your curls good definition and looks so shiny. Highly recommended for anyone with similar hair!

Redken's Curvaceous Ringlet

image credit: Redken