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The Main Beauty Problems In Dubai And How To Fix Them

You're not alone, girls

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24 September 2017

Beauty problems in Dubai and how to fix them

There's no denying that beauty struggles are real - especially in Dubai, where the environment, temperatures and constant A/C flow constantly play havoc on our hair, face and skin.

The harsh weather and poor lifestyle habits are part of the price of living in the emirate; but that doesn't mean our beauty regime should suffer these conditions.

To help ensure you protect yourself from the main beauty problems in Dubai, here's exactly why you might face them while living here - and what you can do to lessen the damage.

#1 Dry (or damaged) hair

Extensive exposure to Dubai's sun, combined with the harsh winds filled with dust and dirt can wreak havoc on your locks. But unless you're cloud-seeding, you have no control over the weather - but there are things you can do to prevent your hair from drying out in Dubai.

Refrain from frequently washing or blow-drying your hair - it gets enough heat enough as it is. Instead, opt for moisture - use natural oils and good conditioners to lock in your moisture to ensure your hair is nourished at all times.

Dubai beauty problems - dry hair

#2 Sun (and sea and sand) protection

Living in Dubai means we have the beauty of accessible beaches right on our doorstep. And while your weekend at JBR or one of of the Palm Jumeirah's hotel beach fronts make the perfect weekend memories - your hair might not thank you as much, unless you prep correctly.

Sunshine, chlorine, sand and salt water are our biggest enemies when it comes to living it large by the pool or on the beach. So to make sure your locks don't take a beating while out and about, invest in a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off your hair. You could even apply a leave-in conditioner, or treat your locks to an oil to protect them from the elements.

Dubai beauty problems - protection in the sun

#3 Loss of hair

Ask any person who lives in Dubai about their hair status and they'll reply with the following; the lose more of it living here. For those of us blessed with thick locks, it's not so much of an issue - but for any woman who struggles with thinner hair, it really does become an issue finding extra amounts of hair all over the bathroom floor.

Hair loss can be a number of things - if excessive, it could be due to a nutritional deficiency, like not getting enough Vitamin D (who'd have thought, in Dubai?).

On the other hand it could be stress related; and we all know that many of us UAE residents can be left feeling a little too stressed at the end of the working week or when rent or school fees are due to be paid.

Make sure to hydrate regularly, drink lots of water! And you could even try practising yoga to release those inner tensions.

Dubai beauty problems - hair loss

#4 Dry (itchy) scalp

If you're a lover of hot showers every day, or are guilty of using too many products on your hair regularly - you probably might find you suffer from a dry scalp. If so, you'll find dry white flakes on your shoulders or clothing - but don't be alarmed yet, because it can be helped.

Make sure you're drinking plenty of water! And get yourself booked in for a cooling and moisturising treatment for your scalp. When washing your hair, keep the temp lukewarm or even cooler when rinsing to avoid damage.

Dubai beauty problems - dry scalp

#5 Greasy hair

The sun shines 99% of the time in Dubai - weather that most of us feel blessed to have. However, for those of us who suffer from a little extra perspiration - it can cause issues for our hair and our skin.

When it's hot, your scalp sweats, which then transfers the naturally occurring sebum throughout your hair even more... Causing your locks to appear greasier than usual.

To prevent the greasy-look on your next pool day with the girls, carry a little bottle of absorbent dry shampoo to maintain your locks throughout the day.

Dubai beauty problems - greasy hair