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Red Carpet Beauty Looks From The 2018 Grammy Awards

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29 January 2018

The best beauty looks from the Grammys

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We’ve already covered the best and worst dressed from the 2018 Grammy Awards, but the red carpet fashion wasn’t the only thing that we took note of from the night. As this year’s Grammys also showcased glamorous, understated and even experimental celebrity beauty looks.

From teal eyeshadow to a corset fish-tail braid, the Grammys 2018 offered us more than just the classic awards ceremony hair and makeup. Of course there were still some dramatic red lips and highlighted cheek bones, as we’ve listed the best beauty looks caught on the Grammys red carpet which will inspire your Valentine's Day beauty.

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Rita Ora’s beauty style of old Hollywood glamour is perfect for a fancy date night in Dubai, whilst Lana Del Ray offers a flawless winged eye liner look for any Valentine’s Day celebration. Lady Gaga’s metallic glitter eye shadow is for the girls who love to sparkle; as Bebe Rexha’s pink shaded eyes are a Valentine’s makeup dream.

So here are the 8 best beauty looks from the 2018 Grammy Awards

#1 Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld’s stand-out teal eyeshadow was enhanced by her bronzed glow and beautiful beachy waves.

Grammys beauty looks

#2 Lana Del Ray

Sporting the perfect winged cat eye, Lana Del Ray also wore a Gucci starred halo which floated over her silky lob.

Grammys beauty looks

#3 Rita Ora

Rita Ora went for a classic red lip, as her glamourous beauty look came straight from old Hollywood.

Grammys beauty looks

#4 Bebe Rexha

With the perfect Valentine’s pink eye shadow, Bebe Rexha’s subtle makeup complimented her bold platinum bob and contrasting dark brows.

Grammys beauty looks

#5 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga went for glam with heavy eye makeup as she paired her dramatic winged eyeliner with glitter metallic eyeshadow and a corset fish-tail braid.

Grammys beauty looks

#6 Cardi B

Cardi B’s hair was styled in an princess-inspired updo, as her makeup look consisted of lush lashes and a sunset eyeshadow palette, perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day date.

Grammys beauty looks

#7 Janelle Monae

With a trending 2018 two-tone pixie haircut, Janelle Monae styled her sleek hair with a jewelled clip, as her makeup featured blue eyeliner under the eye and bold brows.

Grammys beauty looks

#8 Alessia Cara

With subtle winged liner and smoky lids, we loved Alessia Cara’s Grammys beauty look. Her natural curls and slightly glossed lips create the ultimate understated Valentine’s Day makeup look.

Grammys beauty looks