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Snoop Dogg Narrated A Make-Up Tutorial Video And, Yes, It’s Hilarious

The rapper featured on NikkieTutorials’ hugely popular channel.

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25 April 2019


All Credits: PA

Nikkie de Jager aka NikkieTutorials has had some amazing guests on her YouTube channel, from the likes of Kim Kardashian West and Drew Barrymore, to a variety of celebrity make-up artists.

Now, the vlogger has shared with her 11 million subscribers a video featuring probably her coolest guest yet, none other than Snoop Dogg.

The legendary rapper narrated a make-up tutorial sponsored by Marc Jacobs, in which de Jager uses the brand’s new Accomplice Concealer and Blurring Powder – and, of course, the result is brilliant.

“You know I got your back Nik Nak,” the 47-year-old begins in his trademark drawl. “Let’s go.”


“Put a little bit of that cream on that briz-nush,” he continues as de Jager spreads primer over her face with a brush.

Evidently, Snoop isn’t 100% clear on what every product is, but he’s got the gist.

“That’s not foundation, that’s, like, I guess that’s the, er, roots,” he says of the primer, “because now she’s about to lay down the foundation.”

Next comes the Accomplice Concealer, which the vlogger uses to draw a heart on her forehead before blending it in.

“Now get that forehead,” Snoop says. “Put that heart right on the forehead. Love is love.”


He doesn’t seem to know what contouring is either, but he likes it.

“This like the top part here where she puts that brown on there,” he says, as de Jager applies cream contour on her cheekbones. “That’s that flavour I like, that caramel brown.”

He suddenly gets a bit serious when she pulls out the Blurring Powder.

“Notice how her face structure is so profoundly correct with the brush, it just fits the brush properly, as if the brush is made for her face.”

We’ve got a feeling Snoop may have had a few pointers when it comes to the new products…


After whipping her eyebrows into shape and painting on a sharp feline eyeliner flick, de Jager interrupts the narration for a second.

“I have a feeling that what I’m about to do is going to make you proud,” she says. “I am about to smoke that liner out.”

“I’ll join you,” Snoop replies. “What she means by ‘smoke it out’ is not what I’m doing right now.”

He’s not so keen when de Jager uses a pale pink pencil on her lower waterline, however.

“I don’t like that part right here when you get deep under the eyelid. That’s sensitive for me.”


“Before and after. Oh wow. Straight up. You did that,” Snoop marvels as he surveys the final look.

“Any time you need me, I’m available,” he adds, which begs the question; can Snoop Dogg please narrate all make-up tutorials from now on?

Because that would be amazing. Here’s the whole hilarious video: