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6 Ways To Cut Down On Waste In Your Beauty Regime

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4 April 2019

Cut Down On Waste In Your Beauty Regime

If you take a look inside your beauty cabinet, you’d probably be blown away by the sheer amount of unnecessary stuff in there, right?

At times, it can seem impossible to avoid the amount of waste involved in having any kind of beauty or skincare regime – even if you’re not a total junkie, who has to buy all the latest products as soon as they comes out (and then bin the remains of your old ones).

This Is How Kim Kardashian Does Her Own Makeup

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27 July 2017

Kim Kardashian's Contour Game

Ever since Kim Kardashian launched her KKW Contour and Highlight Kit, she has been dishing out her makeup secrets, left right and centre.

Makeup face-offs, collaborations, parties, makeup hauls – the beauty icon is on a publicity roll. She did a GRWM with Vlogger Jaclyn Hill. She even challenged her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic at a contour contest.

And that’s not all – Kim even gave us a quick snap of her messy makeup collection through a Snapchat story.