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A Beauty YouTuber Has Imagined What Vlogging Would Be Like In The 90s – And It’s Hilarious

Get ready to feel extreme nostalgia for the days when there was nothing cooler than frosted eyeshadow.

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16 April 2019

Beauty YouTuber

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Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if beauty vloggers had been around in the Nineties?

Jaime French has, which is why the YouTuber created a video using all of the make-up products that were totally on trend in 1999.

The tongue-in-cheek tutorial was inspired by a tweet from a blogger known as Mommy Cusses, which imagined the advice beauty gurus would have been doling out two decades ago, including: “Just smear a pound of foundation all over your face. Make sure it doesn’t match your skin tone at all.”

French went further, doing a whole face’s worth of Nineties favourites in the video: ‘If beauty YouTubers existed in 1999’ – it’s already had more than 191,000 views in two days.

“Just find the cakiest foundation you could possibly find,” she begins, before whacking on a hefty dose of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse.

“Now what you’re gonna do when you get to your jawline is leave a nice little line of demarcation. Don’t even worry about blending it.”

Next comes pink blusher, which is also not blended at all, followed by what we would these days call a ‘statement eye’.

Beauty YouTuber

“You really want sticky eyelids,” French insists, while dabbing on cream eyeshadow with her fingertip, before using an applicator to add the requisite white eyeshadow just underneath her eyebrow, begging the question: Why did we think that looked good?

“Just, like, slap a bunch of colours on,” she says as she completes her eye look with a delightful frosted blue shadow. “You get it up there, girls, don’t stop at the lid.”

As for eyebrows? Of course they are pencil-thin and dark brown, because plucking your brows to oblivion, then drawing them back on, was all the rage in 1999.

“Eyebrows aren’t important at all, you really don’t need them, you just need, like, a thin line,” French insists.

For the ultimate pre-millennium lip look, she lines her pout with a brown pencil, adds a nude colour in the middle and tops it with – you guessed it – frosted gloss.

Beauty YouTuber

“And the most important part for any make-up look is obviously roll-on glitter,” she concludes. “Just cover your body with it.”

Finally, French creates a zig-zag parting in her hair (remember those?) and uses about a million clips and pins to create the sort of hair ‘do Emma Bunton rocked as Baby Spice.

To be honest, since Nineties style is back in fashion at the moment, we wouldn’t be surprised if some teens who didn’t live through this the first time round, copied the entire look. Hopefully they’d make it actually wearable thanks to the amazing make-up skills they’ve picked up watching beauty YouTubers.

If you do remember frosted eyes and brown-lined lips from your youth, it’s a horrifying thought, but in that case, you’ll definitely get a nostalgic kick out of this tutorial…