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What Actually Is Athleisure Make-Up?

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30 January 2019

 Athleisure Make-Up

You can’t deny the colossal power of athleisure – long gone are the days when you would judge anyone for wearing gym leggings to brunch. In fact, you’d probably think something was wrong if your friends wore anything but Lycra to meet up on the weekend.

With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that athleisure is reaching outside of fashion. Next to get the treatment is the beauty industry, with make-up brands launching special products you can work out in.

10 Steps To Achieve The PERFECT Instagram Makeup

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26 April 2017

Instagram makeup

Gone are the days when people would flick through magazines and cut out their favourite looks. Today — it’s all about scrolling through millions of hashtags and showing some TLC to whatever clicks.

There's no point denying that Instagram is your new BFF when it comes to choosing the next foundation or trying out a new eye shadow. This photo sharing social app has become a factory of makeup trends.

All it takes is an Instagram handle, a tonne of products and the ability to edit your routine into a 15-second, sped-up snippet to create a signature THE look.

The Neon Makeup Trend Is Ruling Instagram

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6 March 2017

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The Neon Makeup Trend Is Ruling Instagram

Popular Instagram beauty gurus like @marioncameleon, @kaleycheyenneosaur, @stacey_steller, @glowawaymeg, and @hildasbeautykit are onto something. After the popularity of unicorn liner and candy cane liner, neon liner has taken Instagram by storm. And seriously, who doesn't want makeup that glows in the dark?

It may look like a complicated look to achieve, but thanks to UV makeup, it really is not. Watch the tutorial below and don't forget to have fun with it.