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This Is How Kim Kardashian Does Her Own Makeup

Her contour trick is SO easy, anyone can do it.

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27 July 2017

Kim Kardashian's Contour Game

image credit: kimkardashian/Instagram

Ever since Kim Kardashian launched her KKW Contour and Highlight Kit, she has been dishing out her makeup secrets, left right and centre.

Makeup face-offs, collaborations, parties, makeup hauls – the beauty icon is on a publicity roll. She did a GRWM with Vlogger Jaclyn Hill. She even challenged her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic at a contour contest.

And that’s not all – Kim even gave us a quick snap of her messy makeup collection through a Snapchat story.

That’s A LOT of makeup information to handle so we’ve simplified it for you. Here’s a quick rundown on all useful tips and secret that the contour queen has given so far:

PS: Her contour technique is SO easy, anyone can do it.

1. Kim doesn't do primers (usually).

With that flawless skin and complexion, we doubt if she even needs a foundation, let alone a primer. But anyways, in her collaboration video with Jaclyn Hill, Kim confided that she doesn't use primers.

2. She's all about high-end foundations.

Even for a casual no makeup look, the reality star uses a mix of high-end foundations. In the same GRWM with Hill, Kim used 3 different foundations from Chanel, La Prarie and Giorgio Armani.

3. Kim's secret glow weapon: Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist.

In her Snapchat makeup tutorial series, Kim showed her fans the secret weapon for her glowy perfection. It's Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist.

She uses it on the sponge and the brush of her kit before blending to make sure her makeup looks perfect.

4. Kim K's iconic contour technique is The Rule of 3.

This one's a shocker! The woman who basically reinvented the contour game follows a pretty simple rule of making a 3 across her face. All she does is draw a "3" on each side of her face, from the forehead down through her cheekbones and along her jawline.

Mrs West swears by this technique to give herself an effortless highlight and definition.

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5. Lip liner is her essential.

"I always have to line my lips — mainly, my upper lip. If I don’t, I just feel like my upper lip totally disappears. I use the darker shade of the medium contour stick to make my lips look fuller," Kim wrote on her app.