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Thanks To Kylie Jenner, More & More Women Are Getting Lip Injections

Her plastic surgeon dishes the details!

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13 August 2017

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More And More People Are Getting Lip Injections, Thanks To Kylie Jenner

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We live in a strange world. Kylie Jenner, whose cosmetic empire, Kylie Cosmetics, was recently announced to be worth $420 million dollars gained traction because of her star product - the Kylie Lip Kit. What's strange is that the lip kit claims to give you lips just like Kylie's, except that her lips are the handiwork of plastic surgeon Dr. Simon Ourian who has been featured many times on the family's hit show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

And now, the famed plastic surgeon has revealed how Kylie has inspired more and more women to get their lips done and not hide it.

In an interview with WWD, Dr. Ourian opened up,"When she first talked about her minimal cosmetic procedures I saw a new trend of younger women who suddenly felt empowered to unapologetically want to look more beautiful. It’s like Kylie single-handedly gave a whole generation the ticket to a more enhanced version of themselves.

I had treated hundreds of celebrities before but very few of them were bold enough to share their secrets with such transparency. Her influence was much that what was once a taboo has now become a bragging right. People want to brag about having their lips done. My social media patients put up a selfie with me so that they can say they came to our office." he continued.

Well, now you know. Don't waste money on the lip kits. Off to the plastic surgeon's office you go!