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Korean Powder: The Latest Beauty Trend You Need to Know About

2020 brings in this new Korean beauty trend to the Middle East.

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19 May 2020

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Clarice Awa

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Why Korean Powder Beauty Products Are Taking Over

Powders are the latest in Korean beauty for that "natural" and "youthful" glow.

Powders work like magic when it comes to blurring our pores and fine lines, but this makeup step isn’t all too common in Korean beauty trends, known for its liquid skincare products that offer the famous “dewy skin” and “glass skin”.

Moisturisers, serums, toners, cleansers, snail-infused sheet masks… these are the steps the Middle East beauty scene is familiar with when it comes to Korean makeup and skincare must-haves.

But one of the latest K-beauty tips that reached our corner of the world is powder. While it may not sound new at all, what’s different is that powder has slowly begun to replace liquid cleansers, masks, and almost every makeup and skincare step.

Powdered makeup and skincare contain the same sought-after ingredients people seek to boost their complexion, from Vitamin C to hyaluronic acid. Though, that’s where the similarity ends. Here are three reasons why Korean powder is growing in popularity...

More active ingredients

The Korean powdered form of popular beauty products contain a higher concentration of active ingredients compared to its liquid alternatives.

In an interview with The National, a professional dermatologist said, “An active ingredient is anything that is designed to treat a specific issue. These are ingredients that we know have an effect and alter the skin in some way.”

“They have strong research supporting their efficiency and are often regulated by government bodies to confirm that they actually do what the companies claim,” she added.

Why Korean Powder Beauty Products Are Taking Over

The “inactive ingredients” in beauty products are the “excipients”, such as water, silicon, vegetables, oils, etc. that make up the bulk of liquid products.

In other words, dried powder alternatives for popular products such as Vitamin C serums or hyaluronic acid moisturisers actually offer more of that good-for-your-skin molecules (a.k.a active ingredients) that you need. 

Longer shelf life

Powdered alternatives to face masks, cleansers, and other complexion-boosters contain more stable ingredients.

Compared to the life span of creams, lotions, and other liquid beauty products, powdered versions last for a longer period of time

Keeping the UAE’s warm weather and humid air in mind, it’s easier for lotions, creams, etc. to become spoilt. The moisture that builds in containers is also a breeding ground of bacteria, which will harm your skin.

Why Korean Powder Beauty Products Are Taking Over

Environmentally friendly

The combination of longer shelf life and a higher concentration of active ingredients make powdered makeup and skincare an environmentally-friendly option.

Fewer products to throw and continuously replace is a welcomed plus that comes with powder beauty options.

What is the downside to Korean powder beauty products?

Not all active ingredients can be dried up and offered as a powdered alternative, so options are fewer.

And because powdered forms are more potent with its higher concentration of active ingredients, it can be easy to apply more than you need on your skin.

Not using the right quantity can result in skin problems, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Otherwise, with careful application, Korean powders are worth the Dirhams.