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Why Korean Powder Beauty Products Are Taking Over

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19 May 2020

Why Korean Powder Beauty Products Are Taking Over

Powders are the latest in Korean beauty for that "natural" and "youthful" glow.

Powders work like magic when it comes to blurring our pores and fine lines, but this makeup step isn’t all too common in Korean beauty trends, known for its liquid skincare products that offer the famous “dewy skin” and “glass skin”.

Moisturisers, serums, toners, cleansers, snail-infused sheet masks… these are the steps the Middle East beauty scene is familiar with when it comes to Korean makeup and skincare must-haves.

7 Totally Bonkers Beauty Trends We Won't Miss In 2019

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6 December 2018

Bonkers Beauty Trends from 2018

For most of us, trying something new in beauty might stretch to a different mascara, some false lashes or a new shade of lippy.

But in the world of Instagrammers and catwalks, there’s always something far more out-there and 2018 has been no exception – with hair turned into vases and topped with flowers, and eyebrows covering the whole forehead among the looks that emerged.

As 2018 comes to a close, here, we take a look back at seven of the year’s biggest viral beauty trends…

5 Best Jade & Rose Quartz Tools To Try At Home

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24 October 2018

5 Best Jade & Rose Quartz Tools Dubai

What is Gua Sha? The Chinese massage technique celebrity facialists swear by. We find out what all the hype is about and list the best tools to try…

Facial massage has been getting a lot of attention recently, ever since it was discovered that the Duchess of Sussex is a fan of facials by Nichola Joss, the A-list aesthetician whose massage technique is the stuff of legend –because who doesn’t want smooth, sculptured contours like Meghan’s?

10 Beauty Products You Never Knew You Needed

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10 September 2018

Bizarre Beauty Products You Never Knew You Needed

We all know the beauty world can a get a little crazy, but sometimes the weirder the beauty trend, the better –as we’ve listed our top pick of bizarre beauty products that are actually worth buying (mostly).

From snail slime that makes your skin glow to facial massagers that alleviate tension and silk pillows that prevent wrinkles and frizzy hair, we’re always looking for the next big beauty trend or celebrity favourite.

An Ant Manicure Exists And People Are Freaking Out

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29 August 2018

Bizarre Beauty Trends: The Ant Manicure

Just when you thought the beauty world couldn’t get any weirder, ant nails become a thing! A Moscow-based salon popular for its creative nail art, has gone viral with their latest nail ‘trend’ which uses live ants –and yes it’s just as gross as it sounds.

The Russian salon Nail Sunny traps real ants under false acrylic nails, forcing the ants to move up and down the nail. The nail technicians use tweezers to insert individual ants into the nail which is sealed shut using a small section of plastic.

The Top Beauty Trends For 2018

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13 December 2017

The Top Beauty Trends For 2018

Move over 2017’s smoky eye and side parting, as Pinterest have revealed the new beauty trends we will be following in 2018.

Pinterest have used their data to discover exactly what we have been pinning in preparation for the New Year. From complexion matching to extreme hair lengths, we have all the beauty inspiration you’ll need for 2018, thanks to Pinterest.

Fashion History Repeats Itself: 5 Trends We've Loved Having Back

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27 September 2017

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Fashion History Repeats Itself: 5 Trends We've Loved Having Back

Don’t worry about that long gone 90’s fashion or beauty trend you badly want to delve into, because the status quo is: it’ll most probably come back in the future.

We’ve witnessed some examples, just like: cuffs, high-waisted jeans, track pants, denim jumpers, box braids, and many others. But we still love to see more!

Our point is: fashion history repeats itself. So never throw away any piece of clothing just because it’s not “trendy” anymore. You never know when it will come back as a “to-die-for” piece of the season.