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Top Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends As Seen On The Runways

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24 September 2017

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Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends 2017

With the end of summer comes our favourite seasons - autumn and winter! So even if you missed out on 2017's summer beauty trends, don't worry... You still have time to meet with beauty's pioneers for the cooler months ahead.

From “no-make-up, make-up” looks, to the tribal spirits, and the return of “gothic;” make-up artists were obsessed with highlighting the beauty of a “natural face" for A/W17. And here’s our eight top beauty picks from this season:

Is This The Worst Eyebrow Trend Ever?

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18 April 2017

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feather brows

Thanks to Cara Delevingne, bushy eyebrows have been all the rage since 2012. And the trend does not seem to be going away anytime soon.

But like everything else on Insta, brows too are overdone. And we don't mean filled in too much or exaggerated. We are talking about straight up feathering brows as if they were palm tree leaves. And for this, you can thank Stella Sironen, a makeup artist from Helsinki, Finland.

Heart Shaped Ear Piercings Are Taking Over Instagram

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9 March 2017

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heart cartilage piercing trend

Trust Instagram to bring out the best (and the craziest) in beauty and fashion. The latest trend on the gram is heart shaped ear piercings also known as heartilage (heart + cartilage, get it?).

The bead from the cartilage ring is removed and the metal ends are then twisted to form a heart. Keep scrolling to see more of this totally adorable trend.

This Makeup Artist Paints Fairytales On Her Eyes & The Results Are Magical

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23 January 2017

image credit: tal_peleg/Instagram

Just like art, makeup can be so much more than what meets the eye. And that’s what talented Instagram artists are proving with a latest eye makeup trend called - trompe l'oeil makeup.

For those who need to google (we did too) - Trompe-l'œil is basically French for ‘deceive the eye'. It's an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create perspective bending designs so vivid and real, they almost trick the human eyes,

10 Ridiculous And Expensive Celebrity Beauty Regimes

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19 December 2016

image credit: victoriabeckham/Instagram

Are celebrities just like us? Their personal confessions and bedtime selfies might give you that feeling but sadly, the answer is a big NO. Especially when it’s about their high maintenance beauty regimes.

When you’re insanely famous and worth millions of dollars, you can be as weird and ridiculous as you want. And when we say weird, we mean it! Looking good comes at a high price even for mere mortals like us. Haircuts, makeup, facials - we all spend way more than we intend to. But spend all you want, it’s mere pennies compared to what these celebs cough up.

Instagram Beauty Hacks TESTED!

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19 October 2016

Instagram Beauty Hacks TESTED

Instagram is the source of many crazy beauty hacks - some work, some don't.

Watch beauty guru Heart Defensor (@ThatsHeart) test crazy hacks Instagram made popular like using a sock to apply foundation, using a toothbrush to set your brows and using baking powder to bake the area under your eyes!