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Top Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends As Seen On The Runways

How bold will you go this fall?

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24 September 2017

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Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends 2017

With the end of summer comes our favourite seasons - autumn and winter! So even if you missed out on 2017's summer beauty trends, don't worry... You still have time to meet with beauty's pioneers for the cooler months ahead.

From “no-make-up, make-up” looks, to the tribal spirits, and the return of “gothic;” make-up artists were obsessed with highlighting the beauty of a “natural face" for A/W17. And here’s our eight top beauty picks from this season:

#1 Taking Lashes To A Whole New Level

Forget what you know about lashes, because over-sized bottom lashes are the newest beauty trend. As seen at Céline, Marc Jacobs, and Saint Lauren fashion shows.

How to achieve the look: Remember how you erroneously used to clump your lashes? That’s your new top mission.

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends 2017

#2 The Gothic

The Gothic glam was all over the runways this season, highlighted with bold lips. As seen at Fenty by Puma by our fiercest Rihanna; the Gothic look was brought back from the dead with dark eye shadows and wine-coloured lips.

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends 2017

#3 The Tribal Aesthetic

Feeling tribal and authentic? Take a look at these models’ painted eyelids and, and art-covered faces seen at Fenty by Puma, and Fashion East.

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends 2017

#4 Eyeliner

Say goodbye to evening out your eyeliners, because the new trend states “high on the upper eyelid and messy.” This beauty trend was spotted on our gorgeous Bella Hadid, and at Chanel’s Catwalk.

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends 2017

#5 Highlights

Throw your matte-finished foundations, because your oily skin is what makeup artists are trying to achieve this season. Wet finishes, and highlighted skins are the newest face trends.

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends 2017

#6 Lips

“State without speaking” is what this season is all about; dark, messy, neon, and two-toned lips is what to opt for this coming wet season.

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends 2017

#7 Rock n' Roll Eyes

Imperfect, smudged eyeliners are just perfect this season. Inspired by Kate moss’ iconic liner; the rock stars’ look was seen at Chloé, Alexander Wang, and Diesel Black Gold.

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends 2017

#8 Smoky Eyes

The reinvented smoky eye is the new cat-eye look. This signature, bold eye can be achieved by smudging out black shadows unevenly on the eyelids’ bones; as seen at Versace, Georgio Armani, and Prada.

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends 2017