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20 YouTube Beauty Gurus With No Makeup


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2 February 2017

video credit: thestrangelist/YouTube

YouTube beauty bloggers are almost as famous as the high-profile celebrities — perhaps even more so. These self-taught makeup enthusiasts have created a multi-million dollar industry that's multiplying — one tweet at a time.

These beauty gurus are famous enough to be on the red carpets, influential enough to sell products in seconds and relatable enough that we ask them to swatch lipsticks for us and try out crazy Korean products. Their carefully curated Instagram selfies, photo-shopped videos and sponsored blogs feed our passion for all things hair, makeup, skin care and nails.

But in this whole 'trend madness' we forget how they look like in real life. We're so used to seeing them in layers of flawlessly applied foundation and sculpted brows that we don't know how most of them really look like barefaced. YouTube channel, @TheStrangeList decided to unmask their actual makeup-free faces and suffice to say — we're shocked.