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WATCH: Take a Look at the Duchess of Cambridge's 2018 Fashion Highlights

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12 December 2018

Duchess of Cambridge style looks for 2018

Royal newcomer the Duchess of Sussex may have dominated the headlines this year, but Kate has proved that she’s still every bit the people’s style icon.

Known for her love of a glossy blow dry, a court shoe and coat dress, the royal mum has proven time and again how much she loves to stick to the basics on royal duties.

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10 Celebs You Never Noticed Look A Lot Alike

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29 March 2017

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10 Celebs You Never Noticed Look A Lot Alike

There are more than 7 billion people on the planet and it is said that for every person in the world there are 7 look-alikes. It is particularly interesting when celebrities who more or less work in the same industry look like each other.

We are especially surprised at the similarity between Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence. One would think that Bella would take after her supermodel sister, Gigi, but that is not the case at all.

10 Ridiculous And Expensive Celebrity Beauty Regimes

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19 December 2016

image credit: victoriabeckham/Instagram

Are celebrities just like us? Their personal confessions and bedtime selfies might give you that feeling but sadly, the answer is a big NO. Especially when it’s about their high maintenance beauty regimes.

When you’re insanely famous and worth millions of dollars, you can be as weird and ridiculous as you want. And when we say weird, we mean it! Looking good comes at a high price even for mere mortals like us. Haircuts, makeup, facials - we all spend way more than we intend to. But spend all you want, it’s mere pennies compared to what these celebs cough up.

This Is The Hottest Nail Trend For The Holiday Season

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5 December 2016

Shattered Glass Nails

Say hello to shattered glass nails: the newest nail trend to hit the beauty world.

Sounds dangerous? It's not. That's because it’s not REAL glass — it’s actually just slivers of cellophane arranged on the nail to reflect light and make your nails look sexy as hell.

This trend was started by Eun Kyung Park in a salon in South Korea and instantly went viral on Instagram. Anything that shines so bright is an instant hit for us.

Kate Middleton’s Classic Updo In 5 Minutes

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8 November 2016

Kate Middleton’s Classic Updo In 5 Minutes

If there is one thing we could steal from the Duchess of Cambridge, it would, without a doubt, be her glossy brunette locks. When she doesn’t have a perfect blow-out, Kate Middleton prefers to opt for a classic chignon or messy side buns that look complicated but are actually pretty easy-to-do.

Famous YouTube blogger and hair stylist, Tina of MakeupWearables has done an exceptional job of recreating the classic Kate look in this 5-minute tutorial. So go on, give it a try on your next date night. You can thank us (and Tina) later.

A Gun That Applies False Lashes

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6 November 2016

Flashes - False Lash Applicator - Amber Rose

Applying false lashes is one of the most difficult things to master when it comes to makeup. If you are one who struggles with applying false lashes, you are going to love this revolutionary new tool by Flirt Cosmetics.

Meet Flashes – a staple gun that lets you apply falsies like a PRO.
This incredible gun-like tool comes with 44 pre-loaded thick individual lash buds that can be applied along the lash line in four simple steps.

How To Avoid Cakey Concealer

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24 October 2016

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how to avoid undereye creasing

Isn't it so annoying when you apply concealer and even though the dark circles appear less visible, the area under the eyes looks cakey and dry? It feels like trading one beauty problem for another. But not anymore.

Watch internationally acclaimed beauty guru and professional makeup artist Wayne Goss show you an unbelievably simple trick that will change your under-eye makeup technique forever!