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A Gun That Applies False Lashes

If you struggle with falsies, you will love this!

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6 November 2016

credit: GlamLifeGuru/ YouTube

Applying false lashes is one of the most difficult things to master when it comes to makeup. If you are one who struggles with applying false lashes, you are going to love this revolutionary new tool by Flirt Cosmetics.

Meet Flashes – a staple gun that lets you apply falsies like a PRO.
This incredible gun-like tool comes with 44 pre-loaded thick individual lash buds that can be applied along the lash line in four simple steps.

1. Scroll the applicator till the lashes are halfway out.
2. Apply lash glue to the end of the buds.
3. Wait 20 seconds for the glue to dry.
4. Click to release, and stick them on your lash line.

Drawback: You can’t re-use the lashes nor can you refill the gun.

Flashes is available on the Flirt Cosmetics website and is priced at $28 (approx. AED 102). Watch, Tati Westbrook aka @GlamLifeGuru, break it down for you!

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