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An Ant Manicure Exists And People Are Freaking Out

Is this bizarre beauty trend animal cruelty?

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29 August 2018

Bizarre Beauty Trends: The Ant Manicure

Image credit: Instagram @nail_sunny

Just when you thought the beauty world couldn’t get any weirder, ant nails become a thing! A Moscow-based salon popular for its creative nail art, has gone viral with their latest nail ‘trend’ which uses live ants –and yes it’s just as gross as it sounds.

The Russian salon Nail Sunny traps real ants under false acrylic nails, forcing the ants to move up and down the nail. The nail technicians use tweezers to insert individual ants into the nail which is sealed shut using a small section of plastic.

The salon stressed that "no animals were harmed," and that the ants were eventually set free to breathe, yet their Instagram video showcasing the bizarre ant nails continues to cause a stir on social media, with many deeming it cruel.

Bizarre Beauty Trends: The Ant Manicure 1

Not only are people unhappy about the unnecessary harming of ants, but they’re also questioning why you would want this done in the first place. But, this isn’t the first time the salon has been recognised for crazy designs –the salon has tried it all, whether it’s coffee beans, hot dogs, creepy baby feet and even Kylie Jenner holding Stormi. The weirder, the better it seems!

Despite Nail Sunny claiming that they’re “not animal killers,” the ants will still be distressed and using living creatures for beauty seems too extreme. We’re wondering who came up with creepy craze?! Still, it’s resulted in a few funny memes and some people don't seem to mind, what are your opinions?

Bizarre Beauty Trends: The Ant Manicure Meme