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The Top Beauty Trends For 2018

Your new beauty inspiration according to Pinterest…

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13 December 2017

The Top Beauty Trends For 2018

Move over 2017’s smoky eye and side parting, as Pinterest have revealed the new beauty trends we will be following in 2018.

Pinterest have used their data to discover exactly what we have been pinning in preparation for the New Year. From complexion matching to extreme hair lengths, we have all the beauty inspiration you’ll need for 2018, thanks to Pinterest.

So check out the top beauty trends for 2018, including our own edit of the beauty products you need to purchase. We can’t wait to see your bright eyes for 2018!

#1 Luscious Lashes

With a 152 per cent increase for searches of “lashes,” it is pretty clear that you will need a decent mascara for 2018. With false eyelashes, lash extensions, lash serums and lash tints, there are plenty of options to help you achieve fuller lashes. We love Dubai-based brand Lash Dubai, for subtle, yet voluminous lashes.

The Top Beauty Trends For 2018

#2 Oil based products

Due to their deeply moisturising ability and dewy glow appearance, the popularity of oil products has increased. We all want softer skin, smoother lips and hydrated hair!

No wonder we’ve been pinning as many cleansing oils as we can find, why not try Clinique’s “Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil” which clears your skin from the day’s damage.

The Top Beauty Trends For 2018


#3 Inclusive foundations and concealers

After this year’s release of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line, there has been a huge increase for beauty lovers searching for complexion matching.

As the demand for a foundation which matches your skin tone has increased, we encouraged that more beauty brands are focusing on broadening colour ranges for 2018 and including as many shades as possible.

The Top Beauty Trends For 2018

Fenty Beauty

#4 Extreme hair lengths

You have to pick one or the other for 2018; it’s either the pixie length cut or the Rapunzel long hair. Cute crops and extreme long locks (as already styled by Beyoncé this year), have replaced the long bob trend of 2017, so get growing or chopping!

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#5 Geometric nails

Graphic nail art is coming back to 2018, as negative space manis and geometric prints are covering our nails. There are lots of designs to experiment with and plenty of colour variations to try, so start creating!

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#6 Bright Eyes

Forget the smoky eye makeup trend and pass me the glitter! With new pigmented palettes hitting the beauty market, neon and bold colours are proving popular. As glittery eyeshadow is replacing previous neutral tones. The Sephora Pro Editorial Palette is perfect for bright tones and shimmers!

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#7 Facial Rollers

They see me rollin.’ That’s right derma rollers are proving that skin-boosting tools are on trend, as beauty tools will continue to dominate in 2018. If you don’t already have one, a Dermaroller is must purchase item for plumped, brighter skin, softened lines, and even a reduction in acne scarring.

The top beauty trends for 2018


#8 All-in-one kits

Palettes have been pinned ready for 2018, as stats prove that searches for makeup kits are up by 147 per cent. They conveniently mean you can leave your makeup bag at home and still travel with a flawless complexion.

We recommend Gigi Hadid’s Jetsetter Platte for your next purchase.

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#9 Lip Tints

Lip tints offer a lighter, more natural, alternative look for our lips. As more beauty fans (414% more to be exact) are searching for ways to enhance their lip colour with lip tints. We suggest Revlon’s Colour Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, for long-lasting colour results.

The Top Beauty Trends For 2018


#10 Effortless hair

Finally a trend we can easily follow…no need to worry about blow dries, wet-hair looks are trending (thank you again Bey). Beyoncé-inspired wavy hair and slicked-back Kendall Jenner hair are set to be big in 2018, as we can’t wait to let our hair go wild!

The Top Beauty Trends For 2018