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8 Throwback Hair Accessories That Are About To Return

Listen up if you're a '90s kid, butterfly clips are making a comeback!

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27 February 2018

8 Throwback Hair Accessories That Are About To Return

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Thanks to Alexander Wang’s '80s banana hair clip and Tom Ford’s headbands, a whole range of throwback hair accessories are coming our way for spring 2018 and we can’t wait…

We didn’t realise we were nostalgic for our childhood hair accessories until the New Week Fashion Week Fall 2018 made us rediscover the claw clip we binned a decade ago and the scrunchies we hid in a cupboard for far too long. As fashion month has continued, more beauty looks have brought us back to our roots which are now decorated with butterfly clips we forgot existed!

From our high school headbands (embellished with our names in glitter, of course), to girly hair ribbons, our childhood favourites are making a beauty comeback that we don’t want to ignore. As we’re looking for ways to style throwback hair accessories and bring 1998 to 2018!

If you thought you’d left these beauty trends in the eighties, nineties and even noughties, think again, as here are the 8 throwback hair accessories making a comeback in 2018

#1 Scrunchies

Bunches tied with pink scrunchies was our go to look for school, as we can't wait to tie our hair back with velvet, denim and even animal print scrunchies!

Throwback Hair Accessories

#2 Claw Clip

The claw/banana clip was back for Alexander Wang AW18 with a new take on the power dressing and office chic! They're handy, versatile and were popular in the '90s so we're excited about this trend.

Throwback Hair Accessories

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#3 Butterfly clips

These remind us of primary school and Lizzie McGuire, but can we really get away with butterfly clips in our twenties?! We think so as we can't wait to clip and twirl our hair with these adorable retro accessories.

Throwback Hair Accessories

#4 Head Band

From the high school Blair Waldorf headband to the eighties sports headband, we're embracing this throwback trend all round. Tom Ford has a new take on the headband as this black leather band hit the NY runway.

Throwback Hair Accessories

#5 Ribbons

You don't have to go girly with a hair ribbon as there are plenty of ways to work this trend, as we love how this twisted bun is styled with a chic monochrome ribbon.

Throwback Hair Accessories

#6 Stretch Hair Comb

Slick, scraped back hair was the in thing for Prabal Gurung's NYFW show, as Bella Hadid rocked the stretch comb. These things were great for growing out your bangs!

Throwback Hair Accessories

#7 Cute Clips

From metal clips and plastic grips, you can't get more nostalgic than a sweet slide as demonstrated by Chloë Grace Moretz.

Throwback Hair Accessories

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#8 Hair Wrap

Remember the holiday hair braid you used to get?! Yes that's right the hair wraps are no longer exclusive to summer trips as you might be trying one this spring, as braiding your hair in different plaits is also in.

Throwback Hair Accessories