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5 Hair Trends That Came Out of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Posted on

9 September 2020

5 Hair Trends That Came Out of This Pandemic

We spend so much time fussing over how our hair is cut, shaped or coloured, that when salons, barbershops, and beauty centres closed in the UAE for months due to the pandemic, it gave residents a lot of time to rethink their regular appointments.

With fewer options for professional hairstyling, most women in the emirates began changing how they maintain their locks.

Below, check out five hair colours, hairstyles, and more that we've noticed came out of the Covid-19 lockdown.

6 Of the Most Retro 90s Hair Trends Making a Comeback

Posted on

11 September 2019

6 Of the Most Retro 90s Hair Trends Making a Comeback

Judging by Instagram, it would seem like we’re basically living in the Nineties – but with the addition of social media. Everyone wears dungarees, bum bags and spaghetti straps, and now it looks like hairstyles are next to get the Nighties treatment.

Scrunchies have been back in business for a while now, and slowly but surely other retro hairstyles are infiltrating our feeds. This isn’t just the odd barrette but also major ways to style, colour or cut your hair.

7 Hair Colour Trends That Are Going To Be Huge In 2019

Posted on

13 November 2018

Hair Colour Trends for 2019

Hair stylists are starting to unveil their latest collections and are making predictions on the haircuts and colours that are going to be big in the next year.

Although certain outlandish designs are only destined for the catwalk, there are some bold looks that could be very influential in terms of future trends.

From subtle pastels to bold blues, these are the colours and dye techniques that the beauty experts have predicted to flood our Instagram feed very soon. So, here are the colours to copy and paste for 2019…